Registry – Baby Carriers and Baby Wearing Resources

babywearing picturesWelcome to installment five of our registry for working moms: babywearing gear! Babywearing is a must for urban moms and other moms who do a lot of walking — but which are the best? What accessories? And where should you find them? We’ve already talked about carseats and strollers, cribs and sleeping gear, and now: carriers for babywearing. As I’ve mentioned before, I envision the entire series going through these categories (stay tuned!):

  1. Carseat — necessary from coming home from the hospital!
  2. Stroller — how many have you tried? How many do you keep? (e.g., big stroller, umbrella stroller, jogging stroller)
  3. Cribs and sleeping gear — crib and bassinet rocker, if necessary
  4. Baby clothes — daytime clothes, baby socks
  5. Babywearing carriers — infant and 15-lb.+ options
  6. Baby toys — swings, seats, and other Big Things to register for (Exersaucers, etc)
  7. Essential books
  8. Diaper bag
  9. Nursing clothes
  10. Breastfeeding pillow
  11. And one final category: The Biggest Flops (stuff you hated).

As for babywearing… I nearly included this with my roundup on baby clothes, because what your baby is wearing will definitely affect which carrier you want to use. For my $.02: We received a Boba 3G as a gift and really liked it for both boys once they were over 15 lbs. The newer version has an infant insert, I believe, but I have no experience with that. When the boys weighed less than that, we used a Bjørn Air, which was also a gift; I also used a Maya sling for a bit when Jack was younger. (There’s a picture of me and Harry in the sling, below, but I’m not quite sure I had it on right that time — we just never got the hang of it this time.)  Almost all of my friends loved the Ergo carrier the best.

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Maternity Monday: Wool Boucle Coat

HM Mama Wool Boucle CoatIt’s gotten rather cold, suddenly, so I thought I’d go on the hunt for maternity coats for pregnant readers. The usual budget suspects like Kohls, Old Navy, and Macy’s all have coats for under $100 — but my absolute favorite is this wool boucle coat from H&M. It looks sleek and sophisticated, as well as warm. It’s $99, and available in sizes XS-XL. H&M Mama Wool Boucle Coat

P.S. Note that Nordstrom has a convertible coat for $150 — I’ve only seen much more expensive versions before.  Even though I’m less fond of the puffy coat look, this would be my coat of choice if I were pregnant — as well as on maternity leave — during super cold months.

P.P.S.  Note that Piperlime has a pretty killer “take 30% off any order over $200” sale right now, with tons of great accessories to pick from, including Corporette reader favorites like Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade New York included in the mix.

P.P.P.S. Note that sister brands Gap and Banana Republic are both 40% off today, and Old Navy is 35% off, all with code CHEER.