Maternity Monday: Maternity/Nursing Tank

bun maternity nursing tankHmmn. In our Guide to Looking Professional While Pregnant, I noted that I didn’t think maternity tanks were worth the money — but I’ve also said that I do recommend a few “nursing” tops (if you’re nursing) for those fun times that you can plan on nursing in public — airplanes, doctors’ offices, the occasional playdate, and more. This tank seems pricey ($45!) but the numerous positive reviews — from women who say they hate the shelf-bra nursing tanks anyway (agree!) — seem solid. I like the fact that it’s a good layering in piece in pregnancy and beyond, and I like the fact that it comes in 8 colors — it shows confidence from the brand. Ladies, what are your thoughts on the necessity of maternity tanks — or nursing tanks? Bun Maternity/Nursing Tank

News Roundup

News update - unprepared for babySome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Washington Post talks about the ways that many parents are unprepared for the life changes that take place when you welcome a newborn. Also in the Post, a mother explains — after being questioned and criticized repeatedly — why she didn’t (and couldn’t) breastfeed.
  • Work/life balance? Fortune explains the idea of the work/life mashup (h/t to The Broadsheet).
  • Above the Law has the story of a lawyer whose motion for continuance was denied — her client’s immigration hearing was scheduled on a day during her maternity leave. She ended up bringing her weeks-old baby to the hearing, which brought a harsh scolding from the judge, who had denied the motion due to “no good cause.”
  • Abigail Raminsky writes for Medium about the reasons for — and the consequences of — keeping pregnancy a secret until the risk of a miscarriage has decreased.
  • Time looks at a new study that shows how family meals can affect kids’ diet and weight.
  • Gothamist has a piece by the mother of a four-year-old about an altercation that took place when she and her daughter were sitting on a NYC bus.
  • Working Mother rounds up some great fall reads, including new books from Ian McEwan, Amy Poehler, and Lena Dunham.
  • Photo Book Girl tells you about the best deals for photo cards this holiday season.

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On Corporette Recently…

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Finally Friday: Fabulist Heels

Anne Klein FabulistI’ve tried a lot of the brands mentioned in our comfortable heels guide — but I must say that the one of my favorite pair of shoes ever was from Anne Klein’s iFlex line.  I like the super flexible fit (it can bend up to 90 degrees!), the 2″ heel, and the comfortable ankle strap.  The price is also great: it’s $79, full price at Zappos.  Anne Klein Fabulist 

Everyone Thursday: Marled Cable Cardigan

Nic + Zoe Marled Cable Cardigan | CorporetteMomsOoh: I love this cotton blend cardigan with all of its interesting, fun details. Love the peplum hem, the single button closure, and the diagonal stitches in the back, which I think would be super flattering. I’m a huge fan of the marled look, too, and I’m in love with all of these colors. I think it would be a great layering piece in the fall and spring, worn with a pencil skirt, a sheath dress, a pair of trousers… pretty much anything. The care instructions are to hand wash cold, dry flat, and it comes in regular and petite sizes XS-XL for $144. Nic + Zoe Marled Cable Cardigan

Business Travel – As a Mom

business travel working momsHow do you handle business trips as a mom? Is there anything you can do to prepare your kids for your business travel? How do you balance everything? Reader A wonders:

I am a working, single mom and happen to be taking my first of quite a few “extended” business trips next week. My sister and parents are helping out with my lovely 4-y/o for the 4 days/3 nights I’ll be gone, but I want some tips on how to make the whole thing easier. I’ve read the pieces on business trips on Corporette, but haven’t been able to find one on the Moms side of things. Can you help?

Interesting! Whenever I have to travel away from my family there is a mix of dread (I have to leave them for X days!) as well as eagerness (I get to leave them for X days!). I’m curious to hear what the readers have to say, but here are a few tips:

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Washable Wednesday: Stripe Welt Pocket Sheath Dress

Lands' End Stripe Welt Pocket Sheath Dress | CorporetteMomsWe’ve mentioned this popular sheath dress before, but I like the fun stripey version, available in green and brown, a fun black-and-white abstract pattern, and even a few fun patterns. It’s well priced, available in plus sizes, petites, and talls, and machine washable. Score. The pictured version is $79, full price. Lands’ End Stripe Welt Pocket Sheath Dress