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news roundup - figure 8 maternitySome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

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Finally Friday: Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag

Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag | CorporetteMomsI found this bag this week while looking for a comp to a Corporette coffee break — and couldn’t believe the price. The bag looks well constructed, soft, has nice colors, is reversible, and is only $52… Amazing. It comes in about five colors, all reversible. Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag

9 Ways to Look Professional With Postpartum Hair

postpartum hair solutionsAs someone who just had baby #2, I’ve been reminded of a problem that I never saw coming the first time: postpartum hair changes, including postpartum wispies and postpartum hair loss. I’ve since seen a lot of stories on postpartum hair, but I’ve never seen one on how to look professional with all of these hair changes. So I figured we’d start a dialog. So, ladies: did you notice major changes to your hair after your babies were born? Was it was more difficult to make your regular styles look nice, neat, and professional? How did you cope?

For me, I didn’t suffer from loss so much as I did breakage/wispies in the crown — I could barely pull my hair back from weeks 8-20 without immediately having super-fine, short hairs falling into my face. This, I worried, contributed to the frazzled-sloppy-new-mom look. The go-to styles that I used when I needed/wanted to look put together included: [Read more…]

Everyone Thursday: Zuma Beach Necklace

Banana Republic Zuma Beach Statement NecklaceOooh, pretty. I really like the gray stones for this statement necklace. I like the linear, yet natural, feel to the stones, and I think the mix of gray and gold is an unusual one (they also have it in a teal agate). The gray necklace was $98, but is now marked to $45 at Banana Republic; use code BRSHOPNOW to bring the price down to $22.50. Banana Republic Zuma Beach Statement Necklace

Washable Wednesday: Sleeveless Jersey Shift Dress

Eileen Fisher Washable Sleeveless Jersey Shift Dress | CorporetteMomsEileen Fisher is another brand that, I’m learning, has an entire line of washable items marketed as such. This jersey shift dress looks simple but, I suspect, is well made enough that it’ll hold up well for quite some time, which hopefully makes up for the fact that they’re all a bit pricier than your standard ponte dress. This one is $198; there’s a lovely plus-size one with 3/4 sleeves that is marked down to $130 (and a slightly different one at $142). Eileen Fisher Washable Sleeveless Jersey Shift Dress

Feeding Tuesday: Formula Mixing Pitcher

Formula Mixing PitcherI’ll be honest: as a breastfeeding mom, I’m most familiar with making single servings of formula for times when, er, Mommy couldn’t feed the baby (or, yes, for times we’ve supplemented, or for purposes of mixing with cereal). Still, I wanted to throw the formula-feeding moms one since that’s obviously a valid choice that’s been underrepresented with our nursing/pumping-friendly picks. So formula moms — what are your favorite products?   The pictured product, Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher, is highly rated on Amazon, with 598 customer reviews and 4.5 stars — it makes up to 32 ounces at a time with minimal air, it’s BPA free, and all parts are dishwasher safe. Oh yes: and it’s marked down from $19 to $14 (and eligible for Prime). Formula Mixing Pitcher

(In general, should I include feeding products in the mix (along with nursing and pumping-friendly picks) for Feeding Tuesdays, in the interest of sparking discussion and sharing tips?)