Everyone Thursday: Scattered Mandalas Print Wrap

Michael Stars Wraps Oooh: hat tip to Kate for this delicious find:  Michael Stars is now doing scarves, which (to me at least) is new.  And what scarves they are: bright, colorful, happy, with interesting patterns and color combinations. I’m liking this “Scattered Mandalas” wrap the best, but it’s tough to choose.  I’d wear it as a scarf by day, a wrap by night, and even a light pareo if you have some casual pooltime in your future.  The pictured scarf is $48.  Michael Stars
‘Scattered Mandalas’ Print Wrap


Father’s Day Gifts

fathers-day-giftsIt’s almost time for Father’s Day, ladies — what are you getting for your guys? Some of the things I’ve gotten my husband in the past:

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Washable Wednesday: Back Zip Pencil Skirt

Washable Pencil SkirtThis skirt looks promising — machine wash, hang dry, scuba fabric.  It does have a big exposed zipper (with a ribbon!) which I know some readers really hate — but here it just seems like an interesting detail on the skirt.  It’s $79, online only at Nordstrom, available in sizes XS-XL, as well as plus sizesVince Camuto Back Zip Pencil Skirt (Online Only)


Pumping Tuesday: Bay’s Nursing Scarf

Bay's Nursing Scarf | CorporetteMomsI recently came across an article that advised pumping moms to bring their nursing covers to work to use as a pumping cover as well — it hadn’t occurred to me but I think it’s great advice. I like the listed reason (that you can have friends in your office to maximize the time without making anyone uncomfortable), but I’ve also seen enough readers trying to figure out how to pump in an office without a lock on the door to think that this might be a great solution. There are a ton of nursing covers on the market, but many have unappealing prints (and don’t get me started on the company names). I like this simple, easy black one from Designs by Bay — it’s available at Amazon for $18.99. Bay’s Nursing Scarf


Maternity Monday: Pixie Pants

Maternity Pixie ChinosI was intrigued to see that Old Navy’s popular Pixie pant comes not only in numerous colors as maternity pants, but that they also have the side panel and the full panel pants. I always preferred the full panel pants personally — ladies, which were your favorites (and why)? The side panel pants are available in three colors, sizes 1-18, and full price at $34 — the full panel ones are available in this sage green and marked down to $21 (very limited sizes left, alas). Maternity Pixie Chinos


Building a maternity wardrobe for work? Check out our page with more suggestions along both classic and trendy/seasonal lines.

Weekend Open Thread

Halogen 'Taylor' Linen Blend Ankle Pants | CorporetteMomsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Linen pants are a must for me if I’m running around with the kiddo — they’re easy, lightweight, and usually bend-proof. I’m eyeing these nice ankle length crops at Nordstrom; this flowy pair at Old Navy looks lovely as well. The pictured pants are $69 (available in three colors). Halogen® ‘Taylor’ Linen Blend Ankle Pants