Feeding Tuesday: On the Fly Water Bottle

Nalgene On the Fly Water Bottle | CorporetteMomsI like these 12-oz. water bottles so much for our 5-year-old that we have three of them! They’re top-rack dishwasher safe, leak-proof (a little clip holds the lid closed), BPA-free (although apparently that’s not enough anymore, but I give up), and when it’s closed, the spout is covered, which is a plus when your kid inevitably drops it in the dirt. It doesn’t have a straw to get lost in the dishwasher, either. This bottle is very durable — we bought our first one in 2013 and it’s still going strong. It has 400+ reviews on Amazon, 64% of which are 5-star reviews. Apparently I’m not the only parent to get excited about a kids’ water bottle — the reviews include phrases like “game changer” and “Nalgene for life!” There are at least 10 designs available (solid colors, plus owl, monster truck, shark, etc.), and the price at Amazon is $10. Nalgene On the Fly Water Bottle


Maternity Monday: ‘Kristina’ Cowl Neck Maternity/Nursing Top

Everly Grey 'Kristina' Cowl Neck Maternity/Nursing Top | CorporetteMomsOoh, what a great top. I love the shock of pink, but I like that it also comes in black. I could see wearing it for casual days, dressier days, and even nights out. Lovely. It’s $60 at Nordstrom. Everly Grey ‘Kristina’ Cowl Neck Maternity/Nursing Top

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News Roundup

news roundup - save money on clothesSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Real Simple brings you tips for saving money on clothes.
  • The New York Times Motherlode blog tells us about one positive use for peer pressure: getting your kids to try new foods.
  • The Atlantic looks into a new type of law firm that strives to be more family-friendly and appeal to former Biglaw employees.
  • The Chicago Tribune published an opinion piece lamenting the fact that so many kids’ activities are scheduled during the workday.
  • Elle looks at Wallethub’s list of the best and worst states to live in if you’re having a baby.
  • The Globe and Mail reports that c-sections may not be the best choice for babies who are breech.
  • For your Laugh of the Week, The Toast brings you Comfortable Children In Western Art History.

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Finally Friday: Travel Cosmetic Pouch

LeSportsac Travel Cosmetic Pouch | CorporetteMomsI’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’ve really whittled down what I carry for myself after having kids. (This was what was in my bag before kids.) Almost all of my personal stuff now fits in a bag like this lovely LeSportsac travel pouch, and I just move it and my wallet from diaper bag to tote bag to purse as needed. (Although honestly I could probably cut the wallet out of the picture if I tried hard enough!) I like that the pictured bag has outside zippers, comes in fun colors (much easier to find inside a bag!) and is only $22. Happy Friday! LeSportsac Travel Cosmetic Pouch


Everyone Thursday: Ponte Blazer

LC Lauren Conrad Ponte Blazer | CorporetteMomsThis highly-rated blazer comes in a bunch of colors over at Kohl’s — port (pictured), black, gray, and navy. I like that it’s soft and stretchy, and lined in satin — huzzah. The blazer is $44 (was $64), available in sizes 0 to 16. LC Lauren Conrad Ponte Blazer

Daycare Tips for Working Moms

Daycare tips for working momsHere’s a fun topic: what are your best daycare tips for working moms? What are the things that only friends will tell you about daycare (such as dress your child as cute as possible); what have you learned the hard way by the way of daycare tips?

When readers were discussing baby clothing and daycare a while ago (I think in the post where I noted that one of my mom efficiency tricks is to dress my babies in footed sleepers for the first year), a trend emerged. Among working moms who send their kiddos to daycare, a lot of people noted that they purposely dressed their child cutely (headbands! overalls! tiny outfits!) for daycare, in part because they hoped the clothes would help give the child a personality for daycare workers to relate to. A lot of commenters reacted against this idea that you have to spend MORE money, time, and effort at a time in your life when none of those things is really in ready supply — but it makes sense to me.

This is also the kind of thing that isn’t going to be in a welcome packet from your daycare — only passed down among friends and other women. So I thought we’d discuss today — what are your best tips for daycare (other than regarding daycare waiting lists)?

Readers, Share YOUR Daycare Tips for Working Moms!

Some specific questions for readers:

  • What’s the #1 thing you appreciated about your daycare after you were in it — but didn’t know to look for during the interview process?
  • What’s the best tip you’ve gotten from another mom about daycare?
  • What are your specific tips for: the infant room, the toddler room, the preschool room?

All right ladies, over to you — what are your best daycare tips for working moms? (that no one else will tell parents)?

Psst: here are our general thoughts on pros and cons for different kinds of childcare.

Pictured: Family Portrait, originally uploaded to Flickr by Arturo Sotillo.daycare tips for working parents