Maternity Monday: Ponte Knit Maternity Dress

Eva Alexander London Ponte Knit Maternity 2Happy Monday! I love this simple ponte dress for summer and beyond — the V-neck is nice and high, yet flattering, the sleeves look comfortable, and the seams and darts look slimming.  I also like that the dress is machine washable.  It’s $128, available exclusively online at Nordstrom.  Eva Alexander London Ponte Knit Maternity Dress


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Weekend Open Thread

Lands' End Adjustable Swim Tunic Rash GuardSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

If only I hadn’t bought this in black last year… Rash guards are something I didn’t discover until I was a mom. I forget how, exactly — but at some point I discovered they were a lot easier to manage than coating my pale, pale boy with SPF from head to toe, and I bought one for myself so I could see how uncomfortable they were. Lo and behold, the one I had was super comfortable — not hot, or heavy, and ohmygoodness so much easier than trying to put sunscreen on my own back. SO: I am a devotee. I know that for proper sun protection it should be a mock neck, but come on, I usually slather sunscreen on my chest anyway — and this notch neck is muuuch more flattering. It’s $49 at Lands’ End in regular, petite, and plus sizes. Lands’ End Adjustable Swim Tunic Rash Guard


News Roundup

news roundup - fourth trimester workwearSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Today has some ideas for flattering “fourth trimester” workwear.
  • NPR visits a Vermont kindergarten class that goes outside for “Forest Mondays.”
  • In New York magazine, a reporter writes an essay about changing her mind about having kids.
  • NPR reports on the benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping.
  • The New York Times explains how family-friendly policies at work can have unintended — and negative — consequences for women employees.
  • The New York Times Motherlode blog shares some teacher gift ideas.
  • Bizwomen reports that an entrepreneur in Oregon is planning to open a co-working space for women — with on-site daycare.
  • The Guardian has a piece on the first date night for parents after a new baby arrives.

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Finally Friday: Leona Slingback

Bella-Vita Leona | CorporetteMomsI keep seeing this kind of shoe around — with flowy pants, with ankle pants, with skinny jeans — and I like that this one comes from a comfort brand, doesn’t have a huge platform, and comes in a zillion widths and three colors. It’s $89 at Zappos. Bella-Vita Leona Slingback


Everyone Thursday: Cabochon Bypass Hinge Bracelet

Alexis Bittar Cabochon Bypass Hinge Bracelet, GoldenI continue to be obsessed with Alexis Bittar, and I like this blingy bracelet just in over at Last Call. It seems like the bracelet doesn’t have the pull-factor of earrings (which I will describe as “that fear that your kid will playfully yank your earrings out of your head”), it doesn’t have the sometimes-they-fit-sometimes-they don’t factor of rings, and they don’t have the heavy, clunky feeling of statement necklaces (as much as I love ’em). It’s $119 (was $170). Alexis Bittar Cabochon Bypass Hinge Bracelet, Golden


Maternity Leave — and Staying Connected to the Office


2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on how to stay connected to the office on maternity leave— links have also been updated below.

There was an interesting story over at Above the Law a few weeks ago, where a securities class-action lawyer in New Jersey was seeking unemployment benefits because she had quit her job after being berated by the managing partner. Why the reprimand? With her supervisor’s approval, she had interrupted a coworker’s maternity leave to seek help with a nationwide class action. (The NJ Supreme Court refused to hear her appeal after the lower court had denied her claim to the benefits.)

So, yay to the boss for protecting that mom’s maternity leave. But it’s an interesting topic with a lot of dimensions. How connected SHOULD you be on your maternity leave, and how should you keep in touch with your office? How available should your employer EXPECT you to be? If there’s a mismatch in expectations, what does it mean for your career prospects? This may be a case where understanding and managing expectations is the key. If your boss expects more than you’re willing to give, what are the best ways to scale back those expectations? If you want to work during your leave and be more involved/available than your employer predicts, should YOU reset your expectations?

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