News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • In a series of tweets, ProPublica explained why Serena Williams’ harrowing postpartum experience — she nearly died after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia — is more common than many people realize. Williams also shared her story as the cover girl of the February 2018 issue of Vogue.
  • Dering Hall shared 23 chic, modern family rooms.
  • The Cut suggested 20 parenting books you’ll actually want to read.
  • Cool Mom Picks offered its list of the best children’s books of 2017.
  • The New York Times reported that you can now pay for private school using 529 college savings plans. NPR shared other changes for these plans.
  • The New York Times also recommended 14 Disney and Pixar movies available on Netflix to watch with your family — until Disney starts its own streaming service in 2019.
  • Brain Charm provided a few reasons why you shouldn’t wear your shoes at home.
  • Recipe of the Week: Huffington Post offered five extra-fast dinner recipes for busy families. We also shared 5 Super Slow and 5 Super Fast recipes for long workdays over at Corporette.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Everywhereist, otherwise known as Geraldine DeRuiter, chronicled her experience of baking the pizza cinnamon rolls from Mario Batali’s sexual misconduct apology letter.

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  1. Serena’s story really touched me. Good for her that she knew the care she needed and demanded it. I am so angry at the level of maternal care in USA, especially for black women. If Serena gets this kind of treatment, what about the rest of us?

    Also, I love, love, love the photo of her and her baby on the cover of Vogue.

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