News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Romper shares how working mom Keli Smith started and runs Kaike (pronounced “cake”), an all-natural, vegan beauty brand. She was also a recipient of Romper’s 2017 Made It Awards.
  • Fortune has details on a “returnship” program by the nonprofit Path Forward, which recently announced that 10 new companies, including Apple, Oracle, Intuit, and Udemy, will be offering positions to mothers who want to return to the workforce. (Video autoplays.)
  • Working Mother offers the ultimate guide to becoming a working mom when you’re a manager.
  • Working Mother also shares responses to a LinkedIn staffer’s request for advice for mothers returning from maternity leave.
  • NPR reports that a Japanese lawmaker’s baby was booted from the floor of the Kumamoto Municipal Assembly. Meanwhile, in May, an Australian senator was allowed to breastfeed her child on the floor of Australia’s Parliament.
  • WBUR’s CommonHealth suggests gender reveal parties are a symptom of society’s overemphasis on gender.
  • NPR asks if YouTube’s algorithm is endangering kids by exposing them to inappropriate videos.
  • Huffington Post explains why the emotional labor women manage during the holidays threatens our mental health.
  • The Washington Post shares an educator’s perspective on how parents can build an alliance with teachers.
  • provides details about FPC, a newly launched prenatal fitness studio in Manhattan’s Soho district.
  • Recipe of the Week: Working Mother shares six family dinner recipes that only take six minutes of prep—or less. We also shared an open thread of holiday recipes for working women over on Corporette this time last year.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Onion shares helpful tips to save money during the holidays, including, “Just tell all of your children they were bad this year.”

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