Finally Friday: Kids’ U.S. Shoe Sizer

Squatchi Kids' U.S. Shoe Sizer | CorporetteMomsWhen Jack started walking, we took him to a local shoe store, and I found myself completely disappointed in the experience. The women there had no special knowledge or tools beyond sizing him; they didn’t really help him try on shoes; and because Jack was so little there was no feedback on his end, either, whether the shoes fit well or didn’t. The worst part was paying full price for his little Stride Rites, mostly because we felt like we’d taken up the salespeople’s time and we owed it to them. After that lovely experience, I bought this shoe sizer and haven’t looked back. Almost every shoe we’ve gotten for Jack since then has been at least 50% off, and if there’s a question about how something fits I can pull out the shoe sizer to do a better job sizing him. It’s $19 at Amazon, and has saved us a ton more than that. Squatchi Kids’ U.S. Shoe Sizer


Everyone Thursday: Convertible Backpack

Sole Society 'Reed' Convertible BackpackI mentioned my favorite backpack for babywearing yesterday, and linked to this gorgeous but slightly splurgey backpack on Corporette a week or two ago, so I thought I’d mention this much more affordable (but also convertible) backpack today, here.  Whether you’re babywearing, prefer to use a backpack with kids so your hands are free, or are trying to get more exercise in by commuting to work by foot or bike — there are a tons of reasons why backpacks are great for moms, and we’re lucky that it’s a trend right now there are a zillion styles to choose from.  I’m still drooling over the one from Bendel’s, but a commenter mentioned this one as a similar look, and for $55 I think it’s great.  It’s available at Nordstrom in chambray and emerald ($27, final sale) at Sole SocietySole Society ‘Reed’ Convertible Backpack


Washable Wednesday: Border Print Split-V Top

Limited Washable BlouseThe Limited has a number of machine-wash pieces, including this easy blouse.  I’m not usually one for floral prints, but I like this one, and the split-V looks flattering but wearable.  I’d wear the blouse all sorts of ways: untucked, tucked, by itself, beneath a blazer, on top of a thin turtleneck or crewneck, and more. It’s marked to $35 today at The Limited (it’s $49 full price).  Border Print Split-V Top


Nursing Tuesday: ‘Carrie’ V-Neck Maternity Top

Loyal Hana 'Carrie' V-Neck Maternity Top | CorporetteMomsI haven’t seen a blouse quite like this before for maternity and nursing, and I like it. It reminds me a bit of the popular Vince voile popover blouses, but for pregnant and nursing mamas. The nursing access is particularly unusual — I can’t think of another blouse with a zippered side access like this — but I think it looks functional and comfortable for both you and the baby. It’s also available in a leopard print and a solid navy, in sizes SML for $90. Loyal Hana ‘Carrie’ V-Neck Maternity Top


Finally Friday: ‘Mini 5 Zip’ Convertible Crossbody Bag

Rebecca Minkoff 'Mini 5 Zip' Convertible Crossbody Bag | CorporetteMomsHere’s a very mom-friendly trend right now: the crossbody bag. I don’t know about you, but I only carry a few things for myself anymore after becoming a mom (lipgloss, wallet, cell phone!) and having a hands-free way to carry it all — and an easy, fast way to switch between diaper bag, work tote, and more — is all vitally important. Enter: the new crossbody bags. Use them on the playground, on the weekend, or for a quick lunch run at the office. Lovely. This one is $97 at Nordstrom, but it was originally $195. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini 5 Zip’ Convertible Crossbody Bag


Everyone Thursday: Tissue Weight Wool Cashmere Wrap

Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool Cashmere WrapIf you, like me, are always freezing, this light but substantial scarf is a must.  I like the blend of wool and cashmere, as well as the zillion colors it comes in — I haven’t tried to wash the one I got last season, but I plan to throw it in the washer with delicates and airdry it. It was $98, but is now marked to $58 at Nordstrom’s clearance sale.  Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Wrap