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guest worklife blogger.indexedI’ve always been fascinated by work/life balance — although it’s a problem for everyone, working mothers in particular have to navigate the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and maternity leave, and then return to work, often with a new set of personal expectations (and often amidst extreme exhaustion).  I think it all too often ends up feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel, and I’d love to get a group of REAL women blogging about their specific experiences.  Click here to find out more about what’s involved — we’d love to have you!

Update: Email address fixed!

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  1. When you go to the apply now link, and select guest posting, the link says you are no longer accepting guest posts. Is that the case?

  2. Have you made any decisions about guest bloggers? I haven’t heard anything or received confirmation that my email application had been received. Thanks!

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