Work/Life Balance Guest Bloggers

Mamas, do you juggle work and family?  How did you choose the best childcare for your family? Did you take time off? How did your career change after you had kids? In my experience, every woman figures out a slightly different way of doing this — we make different trade-offs, come up with different systems, and generally struggle with all of this alone (with our families, of course).  Sure, you can find advice from celebrities (from Sheryl Sandberg to Gwyneth Paltrow), but for regular moms, it often ends up feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel, because it’s really hard to find solid examples of women just like you, either in terms of geography or occupation or balance.

I haven’t found anything exactly like this (save a few specific articles here and there) — and as a mom I want it!  So here’s where you come in:  Sign up to be a guest blogger on CorporetteMoms.  Anonymity is OK, and I get that you’re super busy (aren’t all moms?), so the posts don’t have to be terribly long.  Here’s the commitment I’d be looking for:

  • 10 posts
  • at least 300 words each
  • at least one post every 2 weeks (but if you feel like knocking them all out in one afternoon and sending them our way, that’s cool too)

We’ll have an “about me” page for each blogger where you can link other blogs or personal businesses you run, should you want to.

Suggested topics

  • Introduce yourself:  city, occupation, # of kids, marital status, what made you want to blog about the work/life struggle
  • What was your career plan going in (before you got pregnant) — what choices did you make in your career with the hope of a family in mind? What choices would you make differently, knowing what you know now?
  • (Optional: Did you have a long road before your child joined your family?  Did you have to undergo anything time/energy consuming like IVF or adoption, or anything emotionally devastating like a miscarriage? How did that affect your work/life balance?)
  • What was your first (second, third, fourth) pregnancy like at work? What challenges came up (extreme morning sickness? did you have to reschedule trials/meetings/presentations because of pregnancy concerns? How did you handle all of the appointments?)
  • Maternity leave — how much did you take? were you prepared for it? Did you work or network during it? Or just recover/enjoy time with your baby?
  • Choosing childcare — how did you choose childcare for your first child? What were the pros and cons as you saw them?
  • Did you later change your thoughts on childcare? What were the new pros and cons based on your prior experiences?
  • Returning to work — how did you reestablish your schedule? Did you negotiate for anything like flextime/reduced hours (and when did you negotiate – before or after maternity leave)? What was it like emotionally to return to work — how did you cope, how long did it take to regulate? Did you get any killer advice during this time period?
  • (Optional, depending on your path: Did you take any time off (beyond maternity leave) to be with your family? How did you adjust to that time, and how did you re-enter the workforce?)
  • How has networking for you changed since having kids? Do you go to fewer events? Consider broader activities to be networking? Have you had career opportunities come from parenting-related activities?
  • Your household — how is it different now? What role does your partner play? What duties are done by whom (partner, you, nanny, housekeeper) Which things do you view as indispensable, and which things are luxuries?  (For example: I WILL find room in the budget for my cleaning lady, but if push came to shove I’d give up some or all of our dinners out.)
  • Daily schedule – a day in your life
  • Have you done any rethinking of your career plan?  Has your partner?
  • (Optional: What does your family budget look like now? What did it look like 5 years ago?)
  • (Optional: Do you have a plan of attack for college or tuition issues?)
  • (Optional: How has your marriage or partnership changed since having kids?)

I realize there are a TON of topics out there that I don’t even know about — how to deal with your job when your child is in an activity with a million performances or games?  how does the juggle change when you send your child to sleep-away camp? when you have a special-needs kid?) so these are just guidelines; bloggers will be given a pretty free range to write about any aspect of your work-life balance.  (But: I do feel like there are other blogs that do a great job of addressing parenting issues and mom-style, so I would want the majority of posts to be about the work-life balance.)

What you get out of it:

  • Fame! Money! (Kidding, on both counts — sorry!)
  • A platform to talk about the issues that you’ve maybe had to figure out the hard way
  • An opportunity to give advice to the women who are a few years behind you — to pay it forward, so to speak
  • Links to your personal blogs (should they exist and should you want the links)

Right now I’d love to find 10 guest bloggers to blog about their juggle — we’ll introduce a new “class” of bloggers after these have finished their run.

How to Apply

Please send an email to [email protected] (subject line: “WORK-LIFE”) with the following info:

  • Your name (to be held in confidence unless we otherwise agree)
  • Your age
  • # of kids and their ages
  • Marital status (and a bit of detail about your partner if you have one – first name, age, occupation)
  • Your occupation
  • City/State (if you’ve lived in multiple places as a mom that will be relevant to your posts, please let us know)
  • Briefly, why you’re interested in blogging for us — what your working/childcare situation is, what struggles you’ve had along the way, etc.

Huge thanks to everyone for considering this!!!