News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Into the Gloss shared anti-aging beauty tips that have actually worked for a working mom, including this foil mask.
  • Parents offered seven one-minute hairstyles for busy moms.
  • Working Mother suggested easy steps to fix the five biggest health mistakes working moms can make.
  • PopSugar Beauty had beauty tips for when you’re recovering from the flu.
  • Speaking of the flu, The New York Times advised how to avoid getting the flu when your partner has it. The New York Times also explained how to know when the flu is serious in a child.
  • Ask a Manager advised how to respond to the interview question about what you do outside of work if the answer would reveal that you have children.
  • A lawyer and columnist for The Washington Post described what she referred to as the “maternal wall,” a barrier built by discrimination against working mothers.
  • The Cut shared a first-person account of a woman whose OCD went into overdrive when she was pregnant.
  • The Strategist offered some of the best baby swaddles.
  • Recipe of the Week: Delish has a week’s worth of fast and easy dishes for the whole family.
  • Laugh of the Week: Huffington Post shared some funny tweets about parenting.

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On Corporette Recently…

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Family Friday: Cut, Sculpt, and Roll Play Set with Tools

Oooh: My boys both loved the older version of this play dough set, so it’s nice to see that there’s an updated version. (If you’re on the hunt for more, we’re big into play dough at our house: this set is great if you’ve got a young’un, and my eldest was always a big fan of the Chuck and Friends/Play-Doh collaboration — but with the latter, skip the gravel grinder because it leaves you with tiny dried Play-Doh pieces all over your kitchen table!) This pictured updated set is $10.99 at Amazon. Melissa & Doug Cut, Sculpt, and Roll Clay Play Set With 8 Tools and 4 Colors of Modeling Dough

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Week in the Life of a Working Mom: Solo Practitioner in California

A solo practitioner mom shares her work-life balance!For this week’s installment of our Week in the Life of a Working Mom series, I’m happy to introduce CorporetteMoms reader P, who lives in Sacramento, CA, with her husband and two kids and works as a solo practitioner. Our usual caveat applies: Please remember that this is is a real person who has feelings and isn’t gaining anything from this, unlike your usual friendly (soul-deadened, thick-skinned, cold-hearted, money-grubbing) blogger — so please be kind with any comments. Thank you! – Kat

If you’d like to be featured (anonymously or otherwise), please fill out this form! You can see all posts in this series here.solo practitioner mom - stock image of a woman doing paperwork

First, Some Basics About This Working Mom…biglaw partner work-life balance - image of a business woman

Name: P
Location: Sacramento, CA
Job: Solo practitioner 
Age: 35
Home Situation: I live in a large home (3,500 square feet) with my husband (works from home in tech) and our kids (Kid1: 3-year-old firecracker; Kid2: almost 2-year-old with developmental delays). The kids have their own rooms.
Childcare Situation: In-home preschool, $1,800/month.

A Week in My Life

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Budget Thursday: Reversible Woven Cami

I did not realize it until I found this particular reversible camisole, but WHBM has an entire line of reversible clothes, including camisoles, tops, and dresses in regular and plus sizes. Now, while this can be great — particularly if you’re traveling — I would note that if you’re dealing with a print on one side and a dark solid on the other side, you’re probably best advised to wear the print side first to avoid the inevitable deodorant stains — then wear the dark side second. In any event, I think this woven camisole is cute, and I like both the polka dot and the stripey side, and I also like the way that the reverse side peeks out a bit at the bottom. The pictured cami is $49. Reversible Woven Cami

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How to Work After Your Kids Go to Bed

how to work after your kids go to bedHere’s a great question for working moms that we’ve never discussed: How do you get more stuff done or otherwise work after your kids go to bed? Have you been able to regularly summon a second wind to be productive at night? 

Even if putting your kids to bed is a relatively painless affair and not a Go the F*** to Sleep situation, you may often wonder how you can possibly work after your kids go to bed when you feel ready for bed yourself. (Still, even if you’re not at your best post-bedtime, make sure to enjoy the kid-free time now, because one day it will be gone — when your kids become teenagers, they’ll probably stay up even later than you do.)

Maybe working after your kids go to bed is unavoidable because you work a shorter schedule during the day and finish your workday from home, or maybe you’ve decided you’d much rather do laundry, clean, etc., on weeknights rather than weekends. Here are some ways to be productive and work after your kids go to bed:

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Machine-Washable Merino Vee

Did you know that Banana Republic has machine washable merino sweaters? They come in petite and regular sizes in colors like cobalt, burgundy, and gray heather — and they have a lot of great reviews. The pictured sweater was originally $68 and is marked down to $53.99. Machine-Washable Merino Vee

For a plus-size option, try this Lord & Taylor merino wool cardigan, which comes in eight colors in 0X–3X. (It’s labeled hand wash rather than machine wash, however.) It’s marked down from $94 to $34.99, and right now you can get an extra 20% off with code LTLOVE. That brings you down to $27.99!

Looking for other washable workwear? See all of our recent recommendations for washable clothes for work, or check out our roundup of the best brands for washable workwear.

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