Postpartum Tuesday: Cap-Sleeve Wrap Dress

We’ve featured this Lark & Ro wrap dress before as a great affordable dress for going back to work, particularly if your body is still settling postpartum. This one is highly rated and select colors are down to $26 as part of Amazon Prime Day. (I’m still looking through the deals – I already bought a second Echo today because they’re down to $89 and we love ours!… I’m also considering the $90, 8-quart Instapot.) What are you excited for during Prime Day? Lark & Ro Women’s Classic Cap-Sleeve Wrap Dress

Psst: Looking for more advice about what to wear to work after maternity leave, info about nursing clothes for working moms, or tips for pumping at the office?

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Beauty & Makeup Monday: Just For Men Mustache & Beard Kit

how to dye your eyebrows with just for menThis one’s kind of weird, but it’s a hot tip I got from the readers of Corporette — if you hate doing your eyebrows in the summer (or, well, anytime) you can dye your eyebrows at home using men’s mustache dye. The Just for Men beard and mustache kits are reusable, have a tiny brush, and come in a range of colors — so one $8 kit can last you through a zillion eyebrow applications. I took the plunge myself last week — I first bought “medium brown,” on Amazon then got a bit concerned by the patch test that it was VERY dark, and when I happened to be in CVS I bought the next lighter shade and used that.  My concern was that it was going to “tattoo” the skin beneath my eyebrows and be too dark, but that did not happen (yay) and in fact was a very subtle, nice look — I may try the darker one the next time I do it (probably in a few days) to see if I prefer the darker look. I used this guide from Glamour to help me.  Readers, we’ve talked about minimal mom makeup here and beauty treatments to save time over at Corporette — would you ever dye your eyebrows to save time? Just For Men Brush-In Color Mustache & Beard Kit, Medium Brown

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News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • ABC News reports that the smartphone app Count the Kicks helped a mom save her baby’s life.
  • The Sweethome reviews sunscreens and explains why their favorite is rated SPF 70.
  • The New York Times offers tips on how to have a safe and healthy vegetarian or vegan pregnancy.
  • The New York Times also reports that some colleges are teaching students how to deal with failure.
  • The Washington Post shares five things a working mother wishes she had known while running a business and raising her children.
  • Woman’s Day shares why prenatal vitamins might be dangerous if you’re not pregnant.
  • Mommyish reports on financial advice so bad it includes not paying all of your bills, even if you can afford it (seriously).
  • Quartz shares a study that finds having kids may lower a woman’s self-esteem for at least three years.
  • The Washington Post reports that the placenta capsules a new mother began taking after giving birth caused her newborn baby to contract a dangerous infection.
  • The Postpartum Mama explains that “Taking things off of the plate is no longer enough. I need to put the plate down. I need to step away from it. I need Adam to step up to the plate.”
  • Harvard Business Review has seven “working parent power moves” to improve our careers, our families, and ourselves.
  • Laugh of the Week: Scary Mommy shares a video about the fictional but dreamy sounding idea of “Mom Camp,” by the women of “I Mom So Hard.”
  • Recipe of the Week: Parents has a stuffed peppers recipe that can be made either with beef and chicken broth or with soy crumbles and vegetable stock. If you have access to a grill, you can also avoid turning on the oven. (You may need to register to view the recipe, but registration is free.)

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Family Friday: Embroidered Tulle Dress

affordable, sustainable children's clothesWhether it’s for ethical reasons or you’ve got a child with skin too sensitive for regular chemically-treated clothes, it’s always good to know that H&M has a Conscious & Sustainable section that includes kids’ clothes. I buy almost all of my sons’ underwear there (95% organic cotton), and was excited to see these lightweight jersey shorts that I hope my eldest can sleep in. I was browsing the section and saw this very cute tulle dress in the collection — it’s mostly made from recycled polyester, and I think it would be adorable if you’ve got a special occasion (flower girl situation?) coming up. The dress comes in pink and yellow, and is $99. Embroidered Tulle Dress

Psst: Check out The Corporette® Guide to Slow Fashion if you’re interested in learning about more sustainable options for work.

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Budget Thursday: Slim City Pant

Slim City Pant ReviewReader K wrote in to give us a review of the Slim City Pant from Gap Factory! She noted, “I’ve really struggled with finding a pair of ankle pants in size long that are affordable, and these are terrific. I also have curves and the back doesn’t gap as much as most straight-body pants do. The navy is a shade brighter, so they will never be mistaken for black. I bought a pair in both navy and black, and I imagine that most of my summer work days in my business casual office will involve one or the other!” That is awesome to know, K — thank you for sharing! I like the price point too — they’re marked down to $28-$37, available in three size ranges and multiple colors, and with today you can take an additional 20% off with code GFBONUS. Nice. Slim city pant