Everyone Thursday: Harlow Frontal Necklace

Kendra Scott 'Harlow' Frontal Necklace | CorporetteHappy Thursday! I like the simplicity of this necklace, as well as the option to wear it as tight or as loose around your neck as you like. The fact that it comes in eight colors speaks pretty highly of it, too. It was $195 but is now $156 at Nordstrom. Kendra Scott ‘Harlow’ Frontal Necklace

Pregnancy Books: Some of My Favorites

best pregnancy booksThis post is from the early days of CorporetteMoms, when most of the content was in the form of email newsletters. We’re sharing this one again so that more moms and moms-to-be can weigh in and share tips!

I read a ton of books during my first pregnancy, and thought I’d shout out a few of my favorites here…

What To Expect When You’re Expecting: For some reason, I considered this book the “duh, everyone gets that book for pregnancy,” and so it took me by surprise when I realized how hated this book is by many in the pregnancy industry. As near as I can understand it, the first edition of the book may have had harsh advice, and I’ve often heard people describe the book as “fear-mongering.” That said, I loved the fourth edition. Far from fear mongering, I thought it was a gentle warning of what I might expect each month, or a reassuring explanation of what I was already experiencing. I only read one month at a time up until about 32 weeks, when a little scare made me think I should at least skim the final chapters to see what to expect of the labor/postpartum experience.

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Washable Wednesday: Spotted Skirt Dress

Loft Spotted Skirt Dress | CorporetteLoft has a number of cute things lately, including this spotted skirt dress, which is that rare mix of fun and sophisticated. I like the dark colors, the modest hem and high neckline — I think it would look great with knee-high boots and a chunky cardigan on a casual day, or a blazer and pumps on a more important day. And, of course, it’s washable (70% rayon, 30% tencel), and $69.50 full price, in regular and petite. Loft Spotted Skirt Dress

Psst: Here’s a plus-size option.

Feeding Tuesday: Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress

Dote Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress | CorporetteMomsThis dress looks great for maternity, nursing, and even pumping. I like the dark, sedate colors, as well as the mostly glowing reviews. It’s $99-$109 at Amazon in sizes S-XL. Dote Women’s Maternity and Nursing Twinkle Dress

Maternity Monday: Jersey Shift Dress

old navy maternity jersey shift dress | CorporetteMomsOld Navy is having a maternity sale (prices up to 40% off) through October 1, and I like a lot of what I see in there. This jersey shift dress (pictured) looks chic, and I like that it’s machine washable — it was $33 but is now marked to $30, available in sizes XS-XXL. I also like this dress. It’s fleece, so the thicker fabric should make it more wearable if your complaint with jersey dresses is that they “show everything,” but it should also be nice and cozy for the winter. I also really like this dolman-sleeved top, which reviewers note is great to wear to work. Old Navy Maternity Jersey Shift Dress

News Roundup

News roundup - hackathonSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The New Yorker reports on the recent Make the Breast Pump Not Suck! hackathon.
  • A lawyer mom writes for The Huffington Post about the special talents of lawyer moms (and wonders what’s up with Julia on Parenthood).
  • Mint has a bunch of tips for busy working parents.
  • Aol Jobs looks at the common myths about working moms. (Have you encountered any of these?)
  • A mom writes for Babble about “glass half full” parenting.
  • In a TED Talk, Babble co-founders Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman talk about parenting taboos.
  • Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo shares a list of her favorite parenting books. (What are some of yours?)
  • The New York Times explains how empty-nest syndrome affects fathers differently today than it has in the past.
  • Are you familiar with … the Swagger Wagon? Any other online parenting humor we should know about? Here are a couple recent ones for your Friday laughs: a parent’s average Saturday morning, and Every Parenting Article Ever Written.

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