Washable Workwear Wednesday: Dakota Jersey Top

Dakota Jersey TopSometimes there is nothing better than an elevated t-shirt like this simple jersey top from Boden. The front is polyester but the back is modal/cotton, meaning it’s comfortable, easily washed, and perfect for work and weekends. The top is $60, comes in four colors, and sizes 2-18.  Dakota Jersey Top

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What to Consider When Choosing Birth Control After Having a Baby

Choosing birth control before you were a mom was complicated enough . . . but we thought we’d talk about birth control considerations after having a baby. We haven’t talked a lot about birth control here (although a few years ago we had a post over at Corporette about IUDs), so we thought it’d be a great topic to discuss today. What did you consider when choosing birth control after having a baby? Were you concerned about breastfeeding, hoping to get pregnant again soon, or worried about other issues? Are you using the same type that you did before getting pregnant, or did you switch to something else? 

What were (or are) your deciding factors? The efficacy of the method? The potential side effects? The length of time that it stays effective? Whether it’s hormonal vs. non-hormonal? Whether or not you’re planning to have another baby soon?

Here are some pros and cons that moms find themselves considering when deciding on birth control after having a baby: [Read more…]

Accessory Tuesday: Kori Block Heel Bootie

The funny thing about being a mom (at least for me) is that the practical side of my personality has ratcheted way up — and the fun, cool side has ratcheted way down. If you’re looking for accessories to connect to your cooler side — but still be able to keep up with your kid when he makes a run for it — then I’m currently drooling over these Alexander Wang boots, which look dramatic and kind of rockstar like — but still walkable. They’re $595 at Nordstrom, available in several different iterations. Alexander Wang Kori Bootie

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Maternity Monday’s Workwear Report: Alexandra Maternity Dress

ALEXANDRA MATERNITY DRESSI think if I had an unlimited budget and were building a maternity wardrobe from scratch (and planned on having at least two kids) I’d want to start my shopping experience at Isabella Oliver — everything they make seems so professional, flattering, and sophisticated, it’s hard to compare it to hardly anything else out there considering so many brands think pregnant women want either bodycon dresses to emphasize the bump or hipster slouchy dresses with voluminous fabric. This black maxi dress is unusual for Isabella Oliver in that it’s not your typical knee-length sheath dress, but I kind of like it, particularly for a tall pregnant woman. I think as styled here, with tall boots, a prominent belt, and black tights, it looks great and professional enough for a casual day at even conservative offices. The dress is part of a big sale they’re having — it was $188, but is now marked to $111; use code DRESSTEN to take another 10% off any dresses.  Alexandra Maternity Dress

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Weekend Open Thread

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

Which are your favorite snow boots for playing outside with kids, ladies? After my ACL tear and knee surgery a year or two ago, one of my main goals has become “not falling” — but honestly even before that I was really concerned about falling while baby-wearing. (If you are wearing your baby, I was taught that the “right way” to do it is to zip your coat up OVER the baby — then if you’re too warm you know the baby is too and you can unzip, but if they’re on the outside by themselves you have no idea if they’re too hot or cold. But apparently both ways are accepted… you can also buy fleece covers for your baby carrier.) In any event, I didn’t buy proper Sorels until after my surgery, and I wish I’d bought them earlier! They’re sturdy, warm as heck, and I feel like I am totally prepared for snow when I wear them. The ones I have, the Winter Carnival style, are quite heavy (1 pound 5 ounces) — but they’re much lighter than the popular Joan of Arctic (2#), the classic Caribou (2#5oz), and not *that* much heavier than the “light” boots, the Caribou Slim. Plus, the Winter Carnival style comes in a ton of fun colors.  You can find Winter Carnivals as low as $68 at Amazon, Zappos, and occasionally I hear tell of them at Costco as well (though I’m not sure which model you may find, so do note the weight issue); at full price they’re $150. Readers, do you LOVE your snow boots? Which ones do you have? Pictured: Winter Carnival Boots.

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News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • ABC News shares that the new American Girl doll for 2018 is an aspiring astronaut named Luciana Vega, the first doll character by the company to be immersed in STEM.
  • Working Mother offers advice on what to do if your working-mom supervisor isn’t supportive of fellow working moms.
  • The Cut provides the best options for undereye concealers.
  • The Wirecutter suggests their favorite nursing pillows.
  • The New York Times reports that a new study found that women with high glucose readings early in pregnancy are at increased risk of having a baby with heart defects, even if they don’t have full-blown diabetes.
  • The New York Times also shares a doctor’s thoughts on why some children find some particular topics fascinating — like dinosaurs, pirates, bugs, or trucks — while others are completely unmoved.
  • Boredpanda has before-and-after photos of a family — parents, son, and daughter-in-law — who engaged in a six-month weight-loss program together.
  • NBC News offers a mom’s story about the clever way she responded when her son was “lunchbox shamed” by his classmates when he brought Chinese food from home.
  • The Irish Times provides some reasons why women don’t talk about their children at work.
  • Recipe of the Week: Kat recently raved about this recipe for slow cooker, low-carb Zuppa Toscana Soup by Gal on a Mission. Plus, it’s Keto-friendly.
  • Laugh of the Week: Perfection Pending shares the funniest parenting Facebook posts of 2017.

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