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working mom recommendations 7-28


  1. For the pregnant mom: This maternity dress looks like it has everything I look for in a maternity dress: dark color, washable fabric, high neckline, flattering shape, versatile enough to dress up or down — and friendly on the budget.  It’s $32.94, exclusively online at  Maternity Ponte Tank Dresses
  2. For the non-nursing mom: This pleated v-neck dress from LOFT isn’t nursing friendly at all, but would be great for early pregnancy, weekends, and I’d even wear it to the office on a casual day (with a blazer and closed-toe pumps).   It’s washable, and I like the modest hemline and neckline. It’s $49.50 in regular and petites, but use code FIFTY to take 50% off. Pleated V-Neck Dress
  3. For everyone: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale continues (prices go back up August 4!), and these highly rated Born flats look like the right mix of work-appropriate, funky, and comfortable.  They’re available exclusively online in chianti and navy in sizes 5-11. Born Lola Flats
  4. For nursing moms: I just did a massive order of nursing bras from Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised by this bra — not only does it look like just a regular t-shirt bra and have great nursing bra details (6 rows of hooks at the back, nice clips), but the real bonus was the inside of the bra, which has a bright, happy pink floral pattern.  (It is also a convertible bra, if you’re on the hunt for one of those.)  Amazon has it in black and “nude,” both with underwire, while Nordstrom has the beige in both an underwire and non-wire version. It’s $65. Cake Lingerie Toffee Convertible T-Shirt Nursing Bra
  5. For everyone: I’ve mentioned these initial necklaces before on Corporette, and I own two of them (silver and gold) with the letter “G” — I love these mini initial necklaces from Maya Brenner.  You can now get up to FOUR initials (or numbers) on one chain — nice. (Need an invite for BaubleBar? Click here.)  Prices start at $240 (for a necklace with one initial).  Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Mini Character Necklace 

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News Roundup

News update - wine holderSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • So, you may have seen those sippy-cup wine glasses, or the ones labeled “Mommy Juice.” Well, Hello Ladies introduces you to the latest mom-friendly wine accessory, which gives you a place to enjoy your wine in the shower.
  • Kat’s had gray hairs since she was 26, but they seem to be multiplying every time her toddler learns a new death-defying trick… Lucky tells us 6 ways to cover up grays fast, at least at the roots.
  • Our hair has a tendency to change after pregnancy (with some changes welcome, others not so much!); Alpha Mom answers a reader question about the aftermath of getting highlights.
  • Long-but-good read: in the Atlantic, Stephen Marche writes about work-life balance and poses this question, among others: “Where is the chorus of men asking for paternity leave?” What do you think of Marche’s essay?
  • Cribsters features a post from a mother who works full time but don’t suffer from “working mom guilt.”
  • Hmm, maybe she has one of the jobs on this list — Glassdoor’s 20 best jobs for work/life balance, via the Muse.
  • Working Moms Against Guilt gives some advice on getting back to a workout routine after having a baby.
  • Could you eat well for $4 a day? This free cookbook (PDF download) shows you how, via Lifehacker. Other good recipe sources: the $5 Dinners blog and the Food Network’s Ten Dollar Dinners. Any other thrifty recipe sites (or cookbooks) you know of?

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Talking About Your Kids at Work

talking about kids at workMoms: do you ever feel judged — or at least subject to coworker eye-rolling — for talking about your kids at work? Do you avoid talking about being a mom for that reason, or maybe because your definition of “professionalism” includes limiting discussion of your family life at the office? I’ve been thinking about this lately because, since launching the CorporetteMoms site, whenever someone on Corporette brings up a parenting-related topic (which you are still welcome to do on either site), it leads to at least one comment along these lines:


This particularly harsh comment has been made not just once, but twice (someone knows how to use Ctrl-C!). The first time was in response to a question about pursuing a new job while visibly pregnant, and the second to a request for resources for working moms with a new baby. While I don’t make a habit of deleting comments, that one is now in the trash.

Now, as things go, Internet commenters can be, er, opinionated  and the person (or, at least, the IP address) that posted this “crap” question appears to have anger issues, based on other comments she’s made… but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years it’s this: if one person has the balls to say it (or write it in an Internet forum), many more are thinking it. So this hostility to mom-ness, to two totally legitimate questions for a career advice blog, struck me as something worth discussing.

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Open Thread

Something on your mind? Chat about it here.  But first… our working mom clothing picks, below:


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News Roundup

Weekly News Update - end of the daySome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The NYT’s Motherlode blog asks readers how they cope with the end-of-the-weekday combination of needy kids and a tired mom.
  • Elle looks at a female-led company with a “bring your kid to work” policy.
  • On Scary Mommy, Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa Heffernan look back at (and second guess) the decision to become a stay-at-home mom.
  • The Baltimore Sun examines the trend of consuming your placenta (in pill form, etc.), after giving birth in hopes of easing postpartum depression.
  • Renegade Mothering gets real about parents “embracing the moment” (some language NSFW).

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Congratulations to the Survey Winner!

Congratulations to the survey winner, lucky #138 — she’s been contacted.  While I’m closing the giveaway, you can still take the survey — if you haven’t yet, and would like to still weigh in, please do so here.