Nursing Tuesday: Mama Scoop Cowl Neck

nursing-top-PattyBoutikAs I’ve mentioned before, I think every nursing mom needs at least one or two proper “nursing tops.” They should be functional from the dual purpose of a) letting you feed your child b) without exposing your entire breast and/or belly to the world. It’s a bonus if it looks cute with jeans, trousers, skirts, and more — all of which this $35 top looks like it will do. (PLUS, you wear it while you’re pregnant.) It’s available in this light blue and a black, sizes S-XL — at Amazon. PattyBoutik Mama Scoop Cowl Neck


Maternity Monday: Nursing Wrap Front Dress

Mamalicious Nursing Wrap Front DressThis jersey dress from Mamalicious looks great for work — comfortable, functional both before and after pregnancy, and also professional — love the high neckline and long sleeves. It’s $65.40 at ASOS. Mamalicious Nursing Wrap Front Dress

News Roundup

news roundup - maternity shootsSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Hartford Courant looks at the (apparently) growing trend of elaborate maternity photo shoots.
  • Colorlines reports on Butchbaby & Co., a startup that makes maternity clothing for those who present as masculine or agender.
  • A mom writes an open letter to mothers of toddlers, in The Huffington Post.
  • New York magazine has an essay on the experience of having a baby and immediately being assigned the generic and inadequate label of MOM. (A key point is that the word is not “mother”).
  • The Toast shares an essay about an expecting mom’s response to people telling her that they hope her baby will be a girl.
  • The New York Times reports on a new study that looks at maternal depression — not just in the postpartum period, but before the baby arrives.
  • PopSugar Fitness has some tips for staying on track with those new year’s healthy-eating resolutions.
  • Liberating Working Moms gives advice about trying to keep a clean home in a household where both parents work.

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Finally Friday: ‘Damian’ Pump

Charles David 'Damian' Pump | CorporetteMomsOooh, nice: I like these low pumps from Charles David. The heel is only 1.75″, they have 15 mostly positive reviews, and they come in 7 colors, including this wine leather (you know I love a purple pump) and a lovely bright cobalt. They’re 50% off at Nordstrom — were $200, now $99. Charles David ‘Damian’ Pump

Everyone Thursday: One Button Soft Blazer

BR One Button Soft BlazerBanana Republic has a number of soft blazers in stock right now, but this soft blazer looks like it has promise to be that great basic black blazer to go with everything.  It’s available in regular, tall and petite sizes, and is full price at $150 — but with code BRSOME it comes down to $112.50 (through 2/8).  Nice!  BR One Button Soft Blazer

Psst: Note that sister site Gap is having the biggest little kids and baby sale (up to 40% off, plus an extra 10% off if you spend $100+), and Old Navy also has all kids on sale, up to 50% off (plus free shipping with $25+).

P.P.S.: if you’re on the hunt for a classic Missoni knit blazer, this one is deeply discounted.

UPDATE: OK, one more link to share: Figure 8 Maternity is having a 5-day sale on Bravado bras.  Buy 3 get 1 free — not bad.


Daycares — and Waiting Lists

daycare-waiting-listHow insane are the waitlists for daycares in your area — and how many layers of backup plans did you have in case you didn’t get in on time? What was your best resource for finding a good daycare worth waiting for — friends, parents’ listserv, neighbors, mommy friends, etc? When did you really start to get anxious about it, and how did you manage the anxiety? We’ve talked broadly about other childcare arrangements, but not specifically about daycares yet.

I’ll admit that I did little to no research on daycares in our area, relying almost entirely on the recommendation of one of my brother’s friends. Anyway, they recommended one specific daycare, which I toured when I was five months pregnant (around April 2011), and we were added to the waiting list for part time attendance.

After Jack was born and I figured out that I couldn’t do this “SAHM while blogging” thing, we notified the school that we’d accept a full-time position as well.

We got the call that there was finally a part-time spot for us in March 2013. TWO YEARS LATER — and bam, we were finally in daycare. Yeouch. (We found childcare in the interim through sitters and amazing family, and when we finally got into daycare we added it to the mix instead of substituting it for something else.)

How about you ladies — did you have to wait a really long time to get into your preferred daycare? When did you first sign up for daycare or start thinking about it generally? (If you’d include your general location and/or city, that would probably greatly help the discussion!)

(Pictured: WAIT, originally uploaded to Flickr by JBrazito.)


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