Childcare Arrangements: Pros + Cons

childcare arrangementsWhat are the pros and cons of different types of childcare arrangements? How do you decide on whether to hire a nanny, choose daycare, ask for help from family members, etc.? We’ve talked about taking business trips as a mom, but we haven’t had a conversation about this yet. How did you decide what was best for your family? Or, if you’re pregnant, how are you evaluating the options for how your child will be cared for when you’re working? Let me start by saying: Whatever you end up doing is the right choice. Truly, there are pros and cons to everything, so try not to listen to people (online or otherwise) who feel super strongly about the issue. Here are some key differences among childcare options that I’ve noticed:


The Pros: Your child gets individualized attention, in your home; you can be very specific about what you want re diet, activities, feeding, and more. You can negotiate for housekeeping and cooking as well.

The Cons: Hiring a nanny is expensive. Interviewing and payment can be a headache (especially if you are trying to figure out the “nanny tax”). If the nanny gets sick or is unreliable, you’re SOL. Even if you are specific with your guidelines, there’s no guarantee the nanny is doing what you ask (e.g., serving carrots instead of cookies, limiting TV time, etc.). By the time your kid is 3 or 4 you’ll probably want to pay for preschool on top of nanny services for socialization/school readiness.

Nanny share: This setup has many of the same pros and cons as above, but with added pro of socialization and added con of finding a suitable family and dealing with tricky conversations such as the extent to which they’ve baby proofed their home.

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Washable Wednesday: City Jersey Printed Dress

Talbots City Jersey Print Dress | CorporetteMomsIt always happens: a site is having a great sale, and I find one of the few pieces that ISN’T on sale… sigh. Fortunately, this dress is pretty affordable to begin with at $129, and I like the dark brown pattern — it almost has a tweed/crosshatch effect going on, which is quite nice. I like the high neckline, the three-quarter length sleeves, and the ruched side. It is machine washable, and available in misses, petites, woman, and woman petites sizes. Talbots City Jersey Printed Dress


Nursing Tuesday: Avebury Nursing Top

Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing TopLet’s ignore the fact, for the moment, that this is my very favorite color, and focus instead on all the other great stuff this top has going for it. It can be worn in both maternity and while nursing (and even if pumping, I suspect). It looks super cozy and warm, but still professional and flattering. It has a modest neckline, and comes in three colors, sizes 0-5. And, it’s machine wash/tumble dry. Lovely. It’s available online-only at Nordstrom for $115. Isabella Oliver Avebury Nursing Top

Maternity Monday: Leopard Print Sweater Dress

Loft Maternity Leopard Print Sweater Dress | CorporetteMomsI am loving all of the blue leopard influences at Loft right now, including this interesting wool sweater dress. I like that it isn’t too booby, too twee (no bow or other cuteness on the bump!) and I like that it just generally looks like a cute dress for work or weekend. It’s $94.50 at Loft, full price (but you can use code FLASH to get 60% off). Loft Maternity Leopard Print Sweater Dress

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Finally Friday: Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag

Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag | CorporetteMomsI found this bag this week while looking for a comp to a Corporette coffee break — and couldn’t believe the price. The bag looks well constructed, soft, has nice colors, is reversible, and is only $52… Amazing. It comes in about five colors, all reversible. Neiman Marcus Snake-Embossed Trimmed Reversible Tote Bag