Maternity Monday: Slouch Dress

Hatch Slouch DressI’m generally not a fan of the uber-slouchy, uber-boxy, so-ugly-it’s-cool style of fashion that’s become popular lately — but even I can get behind this dress.  I like the bright, happy color, and let’s face it, some of the more fitted bodycon styles are the last thing one wants to wear while pregnant (no matter how proud you are of your bump).  I’d try it with tights, flat boots, and a closeknit sweater (silk, maybe merino) to hug my shoulders and arms.  The dress is $208 at Shopbop, also available in black.  Hatch Slouch Dress

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News Roundup

news roundup - getting out the door on timeSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

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Finally Friday: Raccia Pumps

Vince Camuto Raccia Let’s be honest here, ladies: it’s November and it’s miserable. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, cold, dark winter, bundled into whatever warm, snow-stomp-worthy boots you can find. So I say: great, focus on warmth with your outside gear. And then, change into these little babies when you get to the office. They’re classic but trendy, and would work for just about any occasion. They’re $98 at Zappos, available in sizes 5.5-11. Vince Camuto Raccia

Psst: This may be the winter I finally break down and get some serious snow boots.  Anyone have any favorites?

An Ideal Maternity Leave

ideal maternity leaveWhat would an ideal maternity leave look like?  If you could design your own maternity leave, how would you do it?  Reader E wonders:

I am currently 6 months pregnant. Anyways, next week I am having a meeting with my supervisor/team to plan out my leave. I luckily work for a very flexible company and will be getting 12 weeks fully paid right off the bat. Beyond that, it is pretty much entirely my choice on how much time I’d like to take off… I can take off up to 6 months total without anyone having any hesitation. Anyways, I don’t know exactly what I want to do. It is my first child, I plan on breastfeeding, and I just don’t know how much time to take off, do you know of any resources out there to help me with this? Also, I was curious if there is a post about navigating the process of discussing maternity leave with bosses. What should I be prepared with besides how much time off I plan on taking and also a plan for who will cover what work while I am done. Do I need anything else?

Great question, E (and congratulations!).  It’s awesome that you have such flexibility with your job and your boss. We’ve talked a bit about what a family-friendly job truly is, pondered (over at Corporette) whether to negotiate future maternity leave at the job interview stage, and I’ve written before about how I planned my blogger maternity leave, but not this.  I’m curious what the readers will say, but here are some of my ideas right off the bat, sort of in chronological order: [Read more…]

Everyone Thursday: Cashmere Cardigan

Lord & Taylor Cashmere Cardigan | CorporetteMomsIf the weather this week is any indication, it’s going to be a c-o-l-d winter, ladies. While cashmere can seem tough to care for around kiddos, there’s no reason you can’t keep a luxe cashmere cardigan at the office or for after the kids go to bed (or, hey, just machine wash in Woolite if sticky little hands do get ahold of it). I like the look of this big, cozy cardigan from Lord & Taylor, available in four colors, sizes XS-XL (also in plus sizes and, allegedly, petites, although I can’t seem to grab a direct link…). L&T was mentioned by readers as being some of the best cashmere in previous discussions over at Corporette, and they’re having a big cashmere sale now. The cardigan was $268, but is now marked to $160. Lord & Taylor Cashmere Cardigan

Washable Wednesday: Jersey Jacquard Dress

Boden Jersey Jacquard DressIt feels rare to find a dress that is fully lined, machine washable, and, well, cute — but Boden does it again and again. I like this black and white version fine, but I LOVE the gray and black version (which isn’t shown on a model, alas). I like the swingy skirt but respectable hemline, the sleeves, and the stain-friendly patterns (it comes in four dotted colors). The dress, of course, is machine washable, and is $148 at Boden. Try code 7Y2J at checkout to get 25% off everything plus free shipping. Boden Jersey Jacquard Dress