How to Make Shots Easier on Your Kids

how to make shots easier on your kidsIt’s flu-shot time (hooray, said no one), and since that means it’s getting closer to peak flu season, which usually hits between December and February, today we’re discussing how to make shots easier on your kids. The CDC recommends that everyone older than six months get the seasonal flu vaccine and that certain children get two doses at least a month apart. The vaccine is especially important for kids because they have a higher risk than adults for serious flu-related complications that could land them in the hospital.

If your family gets the flu vaccine, get ready with these tips to make shots easier on your kids:


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Organizing Thursday: Car Seat Travel Tray

When we booked a flight to visit relatives in England this summer, I wanted to find something that would stop my son’s Legos, crayons, food, etc., from falling off the tiny airplane tray table. I spent way too much time reading Amazon reviews, and this product was the closest to what I wanted — it has its own bag, a detachable strap (in case we wanted to use it in the car one day), and handy pockets. Most importantly, all four edges were high enough to keep things from rolling off. The trade-off was that there was no good way to actually attach it to the tray table (which was an option for a couple of others). I MacGyver-ed a solution, however, by adding two of these velcro straps to the bottom of the tray (using more velcro), which made it possible to secure the tray to the tray table by wrapping the straps around it and fastening them. I’m so glad we had this on our two 7-hour flights, and I would definitely recommend it (for road trips, too). Car Seat Travel Tray

Celebrating Halloween as a Mom

With summer weather stubbornly sticking around this year, it’s hard to believe that October 31 is in just a few weeks — but since somehow that’s true, we thought we’d chat today about celebrating Halloween as a mom. So, do tell: Do you have any Halloween hacks? (Ha, considering the context, that sounds a bit macabre, doesn’t it? Maybe “tips” is better.) Did you go all out when your kid was a baby but have scaled back now that he or she is older — or is the opposite true? Here are a few other Halloween parenting topics we can have fun discussing:

At what age did you start taking your kid trick-or-treating? On the other end of the spectrum, how old is TOO old, in your opinion? Ever since our son was really young, my parents have invited us to their neighborhood (they’re still in my childhood home, only about a mile from our house) to visit the selected neighbors whom they know well. Some of them have been there for 30 years or more, including the older woman who gives out little bags of homemade popcorn. For the last few years, my husband has also been taking our son around a small part of our neighborhood — lucky kid! I take on door duty while they do that. When he gets a little older, we’ll probably stick to our own neighborhood.

Who stays home? Or do you leave out a bowl of candy and hope for the best? If your kid is old enough to go trick-or-treating but not old enough to go with friends, do you and your spouse or partner both go with him or her, or does one of you stay home to answer the door? Either way, do you like to dress up yourself? I typically don’t, but last year I put together a seriously-last-minute Unikitty costume, which was fun. What do you do regarding teenagers without costumes? (That’s a pet peeve of mine — how hard is it to throw on a mask, really? But I give them candy anyway because I don’t really want to find our pumpkin smashed in the street.)

What candy do you give to trick-or-treaters? My usual strategy — because of my major sweet tooth — is to buy something I don’t really like (e.g., Blow Pops, Skittles), so that the candy hasn’t disappeared before Halloween even arrives. Do you do that, or do you actually have self-control, unlike me? (That doesn’t mean I don’t, er, “sample” some of my son’s candy stash after he goes to bed … but I suppose he’s getting a bit old for that to go undetected. Darn.) How about allergies? Do you try to be cognizant of allergy issues when you buy treats to hand out? Do you take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project? All you do is buy some non-food items to either put in a separate bowl from your candy, or give as the only option, and then display either a teal pumpkin or teal pumpkin sign at your house. (You can add yourself to the Participation Map if you like.) Does your own child have food allergies that you have to be careful about at Halloween, and if so, how do you handle it?

More fun Qs: What is your kid dressing as this year? Have you heard of the awesome Take Back Halloween project? Are you being a Halloween supermom and making your kid’s costume? What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid? (Also, do anyone else’s pumpkins get devoured by sneaky squirrels like ours do?) What are your best Halloween strategies as a working mom?

Image: PixabayHalloween as a working mom

What are your best strategies for Halloween as a working mom? How do you celebrate Halloween as a mom? We asked the CorporetteMoms readers...

How to Find Time for Hobbies as a Working Mom

how to find time for hobbies as a working momWhen you become a mother, your sense of self goes through a major transformation (which we’ve discussed — from body image to overall identity), and one part of that is figuring out how to find time for hobbies as a working mom. Have you found ways to continue some (or all) of the activities that you enjoyed in your pre-parent days, and if so, how do you do it? For those of you who have gone through the “small kid” years, did you eventually find time for your hobbies? 

We’ve rounded up five tips on how to find time for hobbies as a working mom, below. Note that for all of these, if you’re struggling with mommy guilt, focus on what you get out of the hobby and how that end result helps your family. For example, if taking photographs helps you de-stress, your family gets a less stressed mom — win-win!

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Tips for Preserving Kids’ Artwork (Without Keeping Everything)

Tips for Preserving Kids' Artwork (Without Keeping Everything)It’s never too early to start weighing tips for preserving kids’ artwork—or you may find yourself still dealing with it when your kids have their own kids. When my parents were cleaning out their attic recently, they found some old artwork of mine from when I was young … which means it had been up there for decades. I ended up getting rid of most (or maybe all) of it, partly because I already have enough tangible reminders of my childhood, and partly because our house is already becoming overrun by my own son’s school papers and art. When at least one thing comes home in his backpack every day, and there are 180 days in the school year … well, it adds up. (Luckily, there isn’t enough stuff to have expanded into our attic yet — or basement.) So, moms, do tell: How do you organize and preserve your kids’ artwork and schoolwork? Do you save everything? Save only a few special or otherwise noteworthy things? Throw everything in a big box for now, or sort it neatly by grade or age? 

We’ve rounded up a few tips for preserving kids’ artwork (without keeping everything):

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The Easiest Family Vacation Resorts for Working Moms

The Easiest Family Vacation Resorts for Working MomsWhich family vacation resorts have you tried and enjoyed? Are there any you’ve tried that you wouldn’t? Which is your kids’ favorite? When you want to have a fun family vacation but don’t want to do a lot of planning, where do you go? Which do you think are the easiest family vacation resorts for working moms?

Before my husband and I became parents, I wouldn’t have considered an all-inclusive and/or resort-type of vacation. We valued flexibility and spontaneity: the opportunity to have our full pick of hotels and B&Bs, the ability to choose any restaurants we wanted and also to discover some by wandering around a new city, etc. Why would we want to limit ourselves by taking a cruise or staying in a resort, and why would we want to stay in one place?

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