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news-roundup-ugly-christmas-sweatersSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…            

  • The Mom Edit rounds up some appropriately tacky Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the whole family.
  • A lawyer and mother shares her thoughts with Above the Law about the impossibility of “having it all.”
  • Hannah Morgan of Career Sherpa writes for U.S. News & World Report about looking like a “real professional” during a job hunt.
  • New York magazine’s The Cut talks to Kate Spade (er, Kate Valentine) for their “How I Get It Done” series.
  • Scary Mommy has a working mom’s open letter to her husband.
  • From Quartz: “The Stanford professor who pioneered praising kids for effort says we’ve totally missed the point.”
  • Sunshine and Hurricanes features some good picks for kids’ subscription boxes.
  • Learn about mom retreats at The Washington Post’s On Parenting.
  • The New York Times talks to adults who took a gap year before college and are glad they did.
  • Have you heard the big news yet? Wired reports that Netflix is allowing users to download content to watch offline. (What’s your kid’s favorite show on Netflix?)
  • Of course, we realize not all stay-at-home moms are like this, but … Romper lists “10 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Need To Stop Saying About Working Moms.”

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Everyone Thursday: Fringed Waterweave Cashmere Wrap

the-best-cashmere-wrap-for-working-momsIf you’re looking for an easy gift idea for a fellow working mom — or looking to add something easy to your own gift list — readers have sung the praises of this beautiful cashmere wrap in the past (as well as Talbots’ cashmere collection in general).  I recently lost my own favorite winter wrap and have been missing it — it’s the perfect thing to throw on over a blazer if you’re not sure how cold it will be (it’s easily stuffed in your bag or worn as a scarf if it isn’t cold, but a good wrap will add significant warmth!), it’s great to keep at the office, and I think I’ve worn one to pretty much every fancy shindig for the past umpteen years (I’m always cold!). This one is $159, available in multiple colors, and comes down to $111 with today’s 30% off sale.  Fringed Waterweave Cashmere Wrap


Washable Wednesday: Michelle Stretch Ponte Trousers

nydj-washable-trousersIf you’re on the hunt for a great pair of washable pants for work, check out these nice looking stretch ponte trousers from Nordstrom, on sale for $75.  NYDJ is renowned for having a bit of “lift tuck” shaping technology built into their clothes, and it’s great to find basic colors, on sale, in washable fabrics. These navy trousers are almost entirely sold out in the petite, but there are lots of sizes left in regular — and there are lots of sizes of both left in the gray. NYDJ ‘Michelle’ Stretch Ponte Trousers

Looking for other washable workwear? See all of our recent recommendations for washable clothes for work, or check out our overview of the best brands for washable workwear.


Get Better Sleep as a Working Mom by Using These 6 Baby Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips for Working Mothers: Get Some Zzzzs Tonight!If you search on Amazon for “baby sleep advice” books, you’ll find more than 200 books. Google “baby sleep advice” and you’ll get almost 35,000,000 results. As a mom, did you ever think you could use some of those tips to get better sleep yourself? OK, maybe you won’t be swaddling yourself, using a pacifier, or gazing at one of those pretend aquariums anytime soon, but many other baby sleep tips can help you get better sleep. Some great sleep tips for working mothers include:

  1. Stick to a regular bedtime routine. For babies, a bedtime routine might look like bath-book-feed. You can create your own routine to signal to yourself that it’s time for sleep. Try something like this: 1) Put away your work and stop checking work email. 2) Write a list of things to do the next day so they won’t be swirling around your brain when you want to relax. 3) Change into your pajamas. 4) Do something relaxing and screen-free, like reading a book, journaling, or coloring. 5) Go to bed at roughly the same time every night (even on weekends). 6) Listen to something relaxing and/or boring, like “the most relaxing song ever,” a relaxing or purposely-boring podcast such as Sleep With Me, a white noise app, or an ocean-sounds Spotify playlist.

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Lil’ One Tuesday: Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

neosporin-lip-balm-reviewHappy Tuesday! Since I’m sure we’re all recovering from lots of buying this past weekend, I thought I’d give a shoutout to this drugstore favorite of mine as we head into winter months: Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy.  I use it myself when I have severely chapped lips and want more than my usual nighttime balm — but I LOVE this stuff for my boys. This will be my fifth winter as a mother, and it now seems inevitable that at some point the following will happen: one or both of my boys will have chapped lips. They will refuse all offers of regular lip balm, instead choosing to lick their lips and the skin around their mouth, resulting in WORSE chapped lips and a red, splotchy, dry rash around the mouth. So what I do is wait until they’re asleep, and then sneak into their rooms to put this on their lips — it’s got enough of a watery consistency that I can do that without waking them; I even spread it over other dry patches around their mouths. (We’ve never had a problem with goopy, gunky sheets!) When they wake up they look a thousand times better, and I feel a bit better about my stealth ninja lip balm tactics.  Amazon has this awesome balm for about $4 if you do Prime Pantry orders; I’ve always just picked it up at the local CVS.  Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy