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Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…            

  • New York magazine’s The Cut shares a list of eye creams that work.
  • College professor Sarah Summers writes for Working Mother, “I Wear My LuLaRoe Leggings to Work, and I’m Not Sorry.”
  • In its “25 Famous Women on…” series, New York magazine’s The Cut shares thoughts from 25 women about style as identity.
  • Working Mother looks at the parenting practices of 10 U.S. presidents’ mothers.
  • STAT News reports on  the dangers of Hyland’s teething products: “Babies had repeated seizures. Babies became delirious. Babies were airlifted to the hospital, where emergency room staff tried to figure out what had caused their legs and arms to start twitching.”
  • The New York Times’ Well Family looks at teen depression.
  • A doctor (who’s a mom) writes for Slate about which parenting advice is based on real science.
  • Parents has a piece about dealing with rude tween behavior.
  • For your Laugh of the Week: McSweeney’s gives you “Great Parenting Blogs Through the Ages.”

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Finally Friday: Beast Leather Passport Case

I don’t travel internationally enough to justify an $80 passport case, but if I did, man would I be considering this one. I love the colors; Coach leather is generally reliably good, and I feel like my boys would get a kick out of it while they’re small, and perhaps could even use it themselves when they get a bit bigger. (It’s also available in black with what looks like greenish T-Rex to me.) It was $125, but is now marked to $83 as part of the Nordstrom Winter Clearance Sale, which ends on 2/26. We just did another major roundup of shoes for work still in the winter #nsale — tons of cute pumps, booties, and flats. Pictured: COACH Beast Leather Passport Case

Psst: oooh: Coach has more “beast” products, including an iPad sleeve and a wristlet. Sadly none are on sale, but: good products to stalk on sale.

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Everyone Thursday: Avin Crossbody Bag

Did you find your bag preferences changed after the diaper bag stage? I still tend to prefer hobos and other one-shouldered bags, but I could see how a lot of moms might prefer a crossbody bag or even backpacks for a more equal distribution of weight. (Or one girlfriend was just noting that she really only carries her lipstick, phone, and ID right now!) But if you are like me and carry at least three snacks, a pack of Eye Found It cards everywhere you go, and at least one small truck, of course, this crossbody bag looks great — it’s on sale at Nordstrom for $136, down from $228, looks big enough to fit most stuff, and comes in three colors.   Vince Camuto Avin Crossbody Bag

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The Mom Voice: On the Playground — and at the Office?

Today’s topic: the mom voice. Do you think you have a “mom voice”? Have you heard your friends’ mom voices — and did it bring you comfort or freak you out? Have you ever noticed your mom voice encroaching at the office — and was it welcome or unwelcome? 

A few weeks ago, an old friend who lives in a different city posted a video on Facebook of her three-year-old son. She was off-camera, with her little boy front and center, and my friend K was at first encouraging him, then scolding him when he started making a mess.

It was a cute video, but what I loved most surprised me: It was her MOM voice. It’s that distinct voice that we all found once we became parents to an unruly toddler — equal parts educator, disciplinarian, cheerleader, and perhaps world-weary battle warrior. It’s something I’ve often recognized in my own home videos (“GAH, is that what I really sound like? What a nag…”), but it was kind of AWESOME to hear my friend’s mom voice. I’m not sure if it was because I was so happy to hear it in someone else — a kind of validation, like, “Look, another previously cool chick has turned into a MOM!” — or if it was because we haven’t kept in touch and her voice tells me a lot about where she is in life, which I suspect is the same place I am. Like if we were to meet up on a playground or coffee shop we’d instantly fall back into that happy old rhythm of friends.

What was really interesting was how, after she posted the video, a LOT of people commented on how nice it was to hear her mom voice. So I’m not just a weirdo! (Nah, I totally am.)

So here are the questions, ladies: Do YOU have a mom voice that you recognize? (Did it start after you grew out of the POOPCUP stage of parenting?) Have you heard your friends’ mom voices — and did it bring you comfort, solidarity, or something else? (Have you found your mom voice encroaching at the office? I’ve definitely noticed that I’m less willing to take any BS these days in any circumstance, but I’d attribute that more to being a grownup and less to a mom — but I’m curious to hear your thoughts.)

Pictured: Pixabay.

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Shoulder Tuck Top

machine washable top for workOooh: I love this pretty white and burgundy, machine-washable top for work — the high collar and notched neckline look flattering, and like an easy way to look pulled together with a cardigan or blazer on top. (Oooh, try a light blue cardigan — you might be surprised how much you like the red and blue together.) The top is $59 at Nordstrom, available in a few different colorways and sizes XS-XXL, petites and regular sizes. Shoulder Tuck Top

Psst: have you checked out the Nordstrom Winter Sale yet? Check out our roundup.

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Happy Tuesday: How to Store Toys in an Expedit/Kallax Shelving Unit

OK, this is a totally random recommendation today, but I’m honestly so excited, after years of pondering this issue, that I have to share. I have finally figured out a good way to store toys in our IKEA Expedit shelves. Years ago when I was in a studio I bought two 5×5 Expedit shelves, and they’ve held up through multiple moves. I could never quite figure out how to store toys in them, though — the shelves are too deep to put little toys in (they get lost) and not wide enough for big toys like Tonka trucks. I’ve tried to store toys on the shelves in clear plastic shoeboxes, but those were a poor use of space.

We finally placed a massive order at Walmart for locking storage bins (our littlest one enjoys grabbing any toy he can find and throwing/hiding them anywhere he can get to, so our previous open toy storage situation was NOT working) and OH MA GAH some of the bins fit the Expedit perfectly. IKEA still makes the shelves but has renamed them (with some modifications) the Kallax series — I will note that if you have the space, a tall tower like this one (1×4) is excellent turned on its side as a toy bench for toddlers. Anyway: the two sizes of bins that fit the best are the 15.5-qt. latching boxes (sold in sets of 4 for $17.88, pictured above with the blue latches) — you can stack two in an Expedit shelf — and these bigger 24-qt. latching boxes (buy one for $6.47, or 4 for $22 pictured above with the green latches). You can fit at least one clear shoebox inside the 15.5-qt. boxes and 2 or 3 in the 24-qt. boxes for further organization/subdivision of blocks or whatever.

(Why yes, I do go insane with my label maker, thank you for noticing.)