Maternity Monday: Shirred Maternity Dress

This shirred maternity dress is a longstanding bestseller for Nordstrom and beyond — we’ve featured the sleeveless version before, but not the sleeved style. I like the flattering, body-conscious fit, all the color options (seven different colors!), and the fact that it’s machine washable. It’s $88, available in sizes XS-L. Ingrid & Isabel® Shirred Maternity Dress

Here’s a plus-size option.

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News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…            

  • Fashionista rounds up the best undereye concealers.
  • The New York Times reports that men who’ve lost their factory jobs are balking at entering fields they see as “women’s work,” such as nursing.
  • NPR shares some parts of Obamacare that you might not consider when you ponder its possible repeal, including support for working moms who breastfeed.
  • Bounceback Parenting explains how moms can keep “the mama tantrum” at bay.
  • Do you carry your kid on your left side? There’s actually a scientific reason for that, says PopSugar Moms.
  • CNBC reports that raising a kid from birth through age 17 now costs almost $250,000.
  • New York magazine’s The Cut mentions that Honest Company’s Organic Baby Powder has been recalled.
  • The New York Times shares some of the parent reaction to the new guidelines for giving peanuts to babies.
  • WeLiveSecurity takes a close look at securing Alexa on Amazon Echo — in response to a news story about a girl who ordered a $160 dollhouse by using Alexa without permission.
  • Chicagoist has tips for working out at home.

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Finally Friday: Kiltie Oxford

I haven’t really subscribed to the oxford trend before, but if you’re on the hunt for a flat shoe with laces that you can wear to work, these are very highly rated and they’re only $88.95 at Nordstrom. (Amazon has a few lucky sizes as low as $70.) Reviewers are talking about wearing them with cropped pants and cropped jeans, and I think it would be a cute look for the right woman. They’re available in the pictured black suede and also a two-tone natural suede, both in sizes 5.5–11. TOMS Kiltie Oxford


Everyone Thursday: Sleek Spark Open Cardigan

I’m still really happy with my Pivotte cardigan I bought a long time ago, but if you’re looking for a less edgy version of a nice, pretty cardigan that’s not in a jersey, this one (in linen, viscose, and rayon) is a good bet. People really love NIC+ZOE — their four-way convertible cardigan is extremely popular. In this style, I like the details on the shoulders and the back. The cardigan comes in this heather gray, black, and a light, bright blue called “water,” and in plus sizes it’s available in blue opal. The regular-size version (XS-XL) is $148 and the plus, $168. NIC+ZOE Sleek Spark Open Cardigan

Here’s a lower-priced option and an alternative in plus sizes.


How to Share Emotional Labor as Parents (AKA, How to Get Your Partner To Care About the Little Stuff That Keeps You Up At Night)

Are you always the parent who makes sure the kids’ homework is done every night? Schedules/attends/follows up on all the kids’ doctor’s appointments? Referees the sibling rivalries? Buys holiday gifts for teachers? We’ve talked about being the default parent and about mommying your husband before, but we thought we’d have a discussion focused on ways to share emotional labor as parents — AKA, how to get your partner to care about all the little stuff that keeps you up at night (and take on some of it). Do you find yourself performing a lot of emotional labor and noticing that your partner doesn’t do their share? What are you doing about it, if anything? Has anyone set up a family kanban board or some other method?

If you need a good definition of emotional labor, try this one from Everyday Feminism:

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Washable Workwear Wednesday: Swing Dress

This is highly rated (even if it doesn’t look super-flattering online) and readers have been really singing its praises. I can see it being a great dress if you’re coming back to work from maternity leave and want a more casual look (especially if you want pockets), or if you’re dealing with weight gain, or if you’re in your second or third trimester — because it’ll definitely fit a baby bump. This can also be a really easy layerable dress, and you could add a scarf and sleek pumps to make it a little bit dressier, or wear it with knee-high flat books and a longer cardigan for a more casual look. It’s machine wash cold, line dry, and it’s only $48 at Nordstrom. Soprano Swing Dress

Here’s a plus-size option.

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