News Roundup

Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Strategist has 32 gift ideas for every type of kid.
  • Today’s Parent offers a new idea for kids’ birthday parties: ask guests to bring a $5 bill as a happy medium between saying “no gifts” (because some guests will bring a gift anyway) and way too many gifts.
  • Working Mother shares a confession from a feng shui designer: It’s OK to have a messy workspace.
  • Working Mother also offers Lauren Conrad’s tips for having a work uniform based on what’s flattering to your body type.
  • The New York Times asks, should you be worried about arsenic in your baby’s food? (The answer: It depends on who you ask.)
  • The New York Times also reports on studies that found that there may be a link between long-term use of Tylenol during pregnancy and the risk of the child’s eventual diagnosis of ADHD.
  • The Cut offers a working mom’s story of deciding to pursue motherhood in her 40s, adopting a baby from Russia, and being a single parent of a child with health issues.
  • Salon shares the advice of engineer-turned-artist-turned-entrepreneur Suz Somersall on how to keep girls interested in STEM subjects (from the podcast “Inflection Point“).
  • The Washington Post provides the top trends for parents and kids for 2018, according to Pinterest.
  • Huffington Post shares the stories of six parents of children who were victims of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which took place five years ago this week.
  • Recipe of the Week: Southern Living has these easy mini black bean and cheese enchiladas that can be made for dinner or shared as an appetizer at a holiday party. We also shared an open thread of holiday recipes for working women over on Corporette this time last year.
  • Laugh of the Week: Scary Mommy has some makeup tips to rock out those Christmas tree eyebrows for holiday parties. Would you try it?

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