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Some of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • The Week shares how parenting made one previously-hip mom feel “uncool,” even though she has tattoos and an asymmetrical haircut—and she’s fine with that.
  • Forbes provides eight TED Talks that will “help you get closer to your own definition of work-life balance and give you some practical tools to begin working towards it.” (Ad may autoplay.)
  • Working Mother suggests a “cheat sheet” to save time on repetitive tasks.
  • The BBC offers an experiment where adults considered gender when providing toys to toddlers (video autoplays).
  • NPR asks, is it safe for pregnant women to drink even one alcoholic beverage?
  • The Washington Post shares why a sports writer and mother said goodbye to youth football.
  • Jezebel reports that fewer than half of teens finish their HPV vaccine series. The Wall Street Journal offers a more in-depth look. (WSJ article is behind a paywall.)
  • Scary Mommy explains why “Pink has basically become the poster-mom for keepin’ it real, and this post is no different.” (Possibly NSFW language.)
  • The New York Times provides a roundup of apps for parents to monitor during back-to-school season.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that the culture of a labor ward likely determines whether a woman will have a C-section. (Article is behind a paywall.)
  • Recipe of the Week: Half Baked Harvest has a 20-minute cranberry-orange stir fry. Substitute tofu for pork for a vegetarian option.
  • Laugh of the Week: The Onion shares the tale of a toddler who could still grow up to be anything!

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  1. That NPR article on drinking during pregnancy is so disappointing. Yet again, the same answer – “we don’t know what level is safe, so just don’t do it”.

    The one study that is cited in the article says 2-3 drinks each week has a 10% increased risk of preterm birth. But of course, they didn’t control for any other factors, they can’t say there’s a causation, and 2-3 drinks each week is completely different from the headline that just one drink in all of pregnancy isn’t safe.

    So frustrating. I’m done having kids, but the lack of actual information on this is so infuriating. We don’t treat any other kind of risk like this, and it’s so infantilizing to women to do this here. We don’t say “we don’t know what speed limit is 100% safe, so just don’t drive a car at all”. It’s yet another symptom of the martyrdom of motherhood, and the OB/GYN community’s steadfast resolve to treat women like idiots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agree. Nothing is without risk. And I know some pregnant women drink too much. But making moms feel trrrible because they had a drink before they got pregnant or wanted to drink a glass of champagne at a wedding is cruel.

    It would have been nice if they’d interviewed a doctor who isn’t the spokesperson for the organization that makes the recommendation. I have had multiple doctors and nurses tell me that the “no amount of alcohol” thing is overblown.

    Also, because it’s late and I am in a mood now, it is completely ridiculous for doctors to be attributing future depression to one drink during pregnancy or too much sugar or by not doing whatever else people think you should do and make you feel like a monster who is ruining your child’s life if you’re not living by some impossible, non-fact-based, standard. Your well-being matters. You don’t cease to exist when you become pregnant. [end rant]

  3. I have used that cheat sheet thing forever and it really does save time. It was my own idea after I noticed myself wasting time on the same things. Now my rule is that if I do something 3 times and will likely do it again, I make a cheat sheet. I even do it for my daughter’s lunch. My kitchen has a list of proteins, vegetables, and fruits for lunch, and I just make sure to have a stash and select one thing from each category each day and throw it in the lunchbox.

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