Maternity Monday: ‘Bengaline’ Straight Maternity Skirt

Japanese Weekend 'Bengaline' Straight Maternity Skirt | CorporetteMomsThe Bengaline maternity skirt has been around for several years now, and I like the looks of it — it’s simple, chic, and stretchy; everything you need in a pregnancy skirt. It’s $68 at Nordstrom. Japanese Weekend ‘Bengaline’ Straight Maternity Skirt

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Finally Friday: Fabulist Pump

Anne Klein Fabulist Pump | CorporetteMoms

These highly rated 2.25″ heels look great — the iFlex technology makes them very flexible, while the ankle strap keeps them in place. The price is good, too: they’re $79 at Zappos, available in three colors. Anne Klein Fabulist Pump


Working Moms and Kids’ Lunches


2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on working moms and kids lunches — but you may also want to check out our more recent discussion on easy school lunch ideas.

Whether you’re packing a daycare lunch, a school lunch, or your own lunch in the post-baby-budget world, having kids introduces many of us to a new competitive sport: lunches. I kid — but only a bit. It seems like there’s suddenly pressure to pack the healthiest, non-chokiest, variety-filled, visually appealing lunch box — with as little waste as possible, of COURSE. How much do you feel the pressure (am I alone here, ladies?), how do you save time, and what are your favorite products for lunch boxes (either in terms of foods or packing supplies), and your favorite sources for finding out about new products and foods?

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Everyone Thursday: Hyper Medallion Tiled Scarf

Lands' End Hyper Medallion Tiled Scarf | CorporetteMoms

Ooooh: I love the colors in this bright scarf, over at Lands’ End, of all places — the colors just look like they’d be flattering on every skin tone, don’t they? While you’re there check out their “On the Counter” section, where sales get more steeply discounted each day (I’ve gotten some crazy deals on water shoes, snow bibs, and swimming suits there), and also the brand’s popular (and washable) sheath dress. The scarf is $29. Lands’ End Hyper Medallion Tiled Scarf.


Washable Wednesday: Westminster Dress

Boden Westminster Dress | CorporetteMomsThis machine washable dress from Boden looks fabulous — nice ladylike hemline, flattering fit-and-flare shape, and a high neckline. It’s available in a variety of colors, all on sale (which, alas, means limited sizes). It’s $96-$110. Boden Westminster Dress

Psst: In case you missed it, we rounded up washable work pants last week at Corporette.


Feeding Tuesday: Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massager

ZoLi Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massagers | CorporetteMomsA few weekends ago we went to a party, and my 10-month-old, Harry, had his usual necessities clipped to his shirt: a Binky on a cord, and this ZoLi teether on a second cord. One of my good friends (a mom to three) had never seen these kinds of teethers, so I thought I’d share. The idea is that the baby can stick them far into the back of his mouth, because even though the molars and back teeth don’t come in for months, they may already be growing and hurting. My first was never a big fan, but Harry cannot get enough of them. You can get a set of two of them at Amazon for $10 (free shipping, but not Prime). ZoLi Gummy Stick Baby Gum Massager

(We like these pacifier clips, but I’ve also gotten a bunch from Etsy.)