Pumping Tuesday: Undercover Mama

Undercover MamaI was dubious at first about this nursing tank — it’s, like, strapless?  I didn’t get it — until I purchased it — and now, like many of you noted in our last discussion on the best pumping clothes, it’s one of my favorites.  The tank top hooks to the top of your nursing bra so it comes down with the bra, while keeping your belly and back covered; I also like that I don’t have to deal with another set of straps on top of my bra straps, or a shelf bra within the tank.  It can be worn with any nursing bra, and really is very comfortable.  It comes in a ton of varieties —  zillions of colors (who knew?) in sizes XS-XXXL, versions with lace at the bottom (that’s a no for me, but you do you), and if you want a bit of support, a shapewear version.  (I actually have the shapewear version — it takes a bit of shimmying into the first few times, but it probably is my favorite among my nursing tanks.)  It’s priced $17.99-$35 at Amazon. Nursing Tank By Undercover Mama


Maternity Monday: Slim-Leg Twill Pants

Motherhood Maternity Slim-Leg Twill Pants | CorporetteMomsMaternity style is all about the basics for most working women — the black dress, pant, and blazer; a white blouse, a few extra skirts. One pair of “fun” pants, though, can go a long way towards making you feel like you’ve got more of a wardrobe — and you often need maternity pants a lot earlier than you need maternity dresses or the like. I like these happy cobalt ankle pants at Macy’s, which look flattering and versatile. Wear them with Pucci colors for a fun spring look, or keep them muted with grays, blacks, whites, and other neutrals.

A less memorable, but still non-standard pair of pants is here.

P.S.  Pregnant ladies, please visit our new Maternity Shopping for Work page. I decided to create it because a) for work style, it IS all about the basics — but as far as editorial content goes, it gets a bit repetitive because hey, I can only feature the Seraphine knotted dress or the Gap washable maternity trousers so many times, right? So there are “Maternity Classics” at the top of the page — these items have all been around for a long time (years in some cases), and would be a great place to start your wardrobe. Second, odds are you’re buying your maternity wardrobe in a few shopping sessions rather than slowly — so at the bottom of the same page you’ll also find a fun grouping of trendier, seasonal pieces. We’ll still feature one item here on Maternity Mondays, but I hope the new page will be a help to you.


Finally Friday: Annette Eyeglasses

Warby Parker Annette EyeglassesMy youngest son is at that age (9 months) where he thinks it is HILARIOUS to grab Mommy’s eyeglasses off my face and start playing/chewing with them. With my first son I indulged him because, AW, how cute — and he broke several pairs of glasses, which led me start buying my eyeglasses online. I had great luck with the first batch a few years ago (read my full adventures here), but part of the fun of having cheap eyeglasses is you can get new ones whenever you want. These tortoise shell pink ones were my favorites from my last batch of home try-ons from Warby Parker, and I may just have to pull the trigger on them — I keep thinking about them!  They’re $95 with prescription lenses, offer 100% UV protection, anti scratch and anti-reflective coating included. (Progressive lenses are also available, but for $295.) Warby Parker Annette Eyeglasses

(N.B. Your prescription can change during pregnancy, and doesn’t settle down until about 6 months postpartum — another vote in favor of cheap eyeglasses if you’re in the pregnancy corridor.)  After my first son my prescription actually got BETTER — I haven’t yet gotten a new prescription to see where I landed after Harry.)


Everyone Thursday: Delicate Poppies Scarf

Tahari Delicate Poppies Scarf | CorporetteMomsScarves can be a great way to bring color to your face, as well as a handy way to hide toddler-induced stains (or, hey, you-induced stains — am I the only one who feels like I suddenly lost the ability to eat properly when I became a mama?) as well as nursing leaks. It’s also a great way to both expand a wardrobe that may be small (because you only have a few clothes in your current size) as well as to, in a way, make it consistent as you lose weight. These pretty poppy scarves are $16.97 at Nordstrom Rack. Tahari Delicate Poppies Scarf


Washable Wednesday: Silk Legacy Blouse

Ann Taylor Silk Legacy Blouse | CorporetteMomsThere are a TON of glowing reviews for this lovely silk blouse — it’s perfect for work! It has a nice weight (not too thin, but not too thick). It’s the perfect interview shirt! Sadly no one talks about whether it actually is machine washable without becoming a wrinkly mess, but then again my ironing skills leave something to be desired. The blouse is on a great deal: was $119, now marked to $99, and get an additional 60% off. It’s available in three colors, regular and petite sizes. Ann Taylor Silk Legacy Blouse

(Ladies, do you own this blouse — how is the care? Is something that requires ironing a deal breaker for you for Washable Wednesday? Do tell.)


Nursing Tuesday: Nursing Shift Dress with Asymmetric Overlay

Nursing Shift DressThis dress isn’t for everyone, I’ll grant you, but I’d take a chance on it — I like the high neckline, the fact that it works both for maternity and nursing. Also — am I the only one who hates “nursing” tops that leave, for example, huge slits in your shirt? I like that this one has you covered, and keeps you covered from both the top and the bottom when you’re nursing. It’s $56 at ASOS. ASOS Maternity NURSING Shift Dress With Asymmetric Overlay