The Best Maternity Suits for Professional Women

maternity suits for professional womenHave you found maternity suits to be essential at your office, conservative or otherwise? Not really necessary, no matter what your company’s dress code? Hard to find, either way — and when you do, not exactly … stylish? Did you wear maternity suits, or did you avoid them entirely by layering a blazer over a maternity dress (or otherwise wearing separates), or getting a regular-sized suit that was too large and then having it tailored? Unfortunately, when we’ve previously talked about maternity suits, both here and at Corporette, there just hasn’t been much to recommend (especially regarding plus-size maternity suits, not surprisingly). Still, it’s time for an update to share what’s out there if you’re hunting for maternity suits for professional women!

For some reason, this time around, the maternity-suits situation seems worse than usual. Sadly, the British brand Eva Alexander is no more (Nordstrom does have one jacket, but without coordinating pants); brand Maternal America seems to have zero suiting options at the moment, and its site says, “We are Under Construction,” which doesn’t bode well; all of A Pea in the Pod’s options currently only have very limited sizes in stock (both at their own site and at Macy’s), and so on. It doesn’t help that some brands that offer maternity workwear in addition to their regular offerings — like Loft and ASOS — just don’t make maternity suits. (If this is your second or third pregnancy and you’re yet again searching for maternity suits, have you found it tougher to find a good one this time around?) By the way, if you’re looking for something from a brand that’s gone out of business or is just hard to find (for example, Theory maternity suits, which we and readers have mentioned in the past), try sites like Poshmark, ThredUp, and eBay.

Readers, do tell: Where have you found maternity suits you’ve liked? What do you think are the best maternity suits for professional women? Have you decided to buy a few relatively inexpensive maternity suits or buy a single higher-end maternity suit? At what point in your pregnancy did you have to stop wearing your regular suits to the office? Or, if you’re not on Team Maternity Suit, what are your favorite alternatives? 

The British maternity brand Slacks & Co. (available at Figure 8 Maternity) sounds like it might sell polyester pants in the back of Parade magazine (I stole that joke from Tina Fey), but as maternity suits go, this classic, black, stretch-wool suit is definitely worth considering. It’s about as far from Parade as it gets, actually — founder Claire Hoyos worked with a Savile Row tailor to launch the brand, the company’s styles are all made and designed in Europe (this one was made in Portugal), and the company emphasizes its ethical standards. This suit’s blazer has concealed side zips that can be unzipped as your belly gets bigger, as well as real pockets — and the pants are made with expandable side inserts and real pockets, as well. (There are no details online about the skirt, for some reason.) Figure 8 Maternity is offering a $75 discount if you buy all three pieces, which brings the original total of $450 down to $375. (The product page mentions the code 75offSlacksSuit, but you can ignore that, because it seems to get added automatically.) Just to make things more interesting, the size ranges for the three pieces are all different: 1–3 (jacket), 26–32 (pants), and 6–14 (skirt). Classic Maternity 3-pc. Suit Set
Isabella Oliver has several maternity blazers available right now, but this is the only blazer that seems to have matching pants currently available. (Did you know that “maternity waistcoats” are apparently a thing?) Both pieces are made from a cotton/polyester blend (with a bit of elastane for stretch), although the jacket is labeled dry clean only and the pants are machine washable. The part of the description that says the jacket “can be worn during pregnancy and beyond” made me pause because, of course, any blazer can be worn during pregnancy and beyond if you leave it open — but when I scrolled down to see the image that shows the blazer closed, I saw it has a single high button, which definitely makes it look like it’s designed to be buttoned over a pregnant belly. The pants are meant to fit under rather than over your belly (but do note one reviewer took issue with that; in general, reviews are positive), and they have concealed zips along the bottom of the side seams — not exactly a typical feature with maternity pants. The blazer is on sale for $183 (from $305), and the pants are $149. Althea Tailored Maternity Blazer / Althea Cigarette Maternity Pants


The brand Seraphine has been very popular among CorporetteMoms readers (as well as Kate Middleton, of course) for its stylish, work-appropriate maternity dresses — and it also offers maternity suits, like this black ponte one at Figure 8 Maternity. I’ve seen plenty of ponte blazers, pants, skirts, and dresses, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across a suit that’s made from ponte. Still, if there’s any time to wear one, it’s when you’re pregnant. A few notes: The skirt has side button tabs to adjust as you get bigger, the jacket has a maternity-friendly empire waist (in case you can’t tell from the image here), and the pants have real pockets (you know, for morning sickness candies and other fun pregnancy accoutrements). The site is offering a $50 discount if you buy all three pieces, which brings the original total of $333 down to $283. (The product page mentions the code 50offSeraphineSuit, but you can ignore that, because it seems to get added automatically.) The size range for both pieces is 2–12. Classic Ponte Maternity 3-pc. Suit Set


This gray pinstriped pantsuit, which is part of A Pea in the Pod‘s bi-stretch suiting line, is available both at the brand’s own site and at Macy’s, but sizes are selling quickly — especially because both stores are offering almost 50% off right now. I’m normally just fine with a pinstripe for suits, but I have to say that somehow this particular pattern makes it clear that this suit isn’t a high-end one. (Part of it could be that the fabric is a polyester/rayon/spandex blend and doesn’t exactly look luxurious when you zoom in?) Still, if you really need to buy a maternity suit and don’t want to spend a lot of money (especially if you’re planning to be “one and done”), this could be a great option at $130 total (marked down from $256). Secret Fit Belly Pinstripe Maternity Suiting Pants (Macy’s/A Pea in the Pod) and Pinstripe Button Detail Maternity Blazer (Macy’s/A Pea in the Pod)

All right, ladies, let’s hear from you — what did you do for suits when you were pregnant and had an interview, had to appear in court, or had otherwise big career days? What were your favorite maternity suits for professional women? 

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    • Zingo is a huge hit in my house. Also Hoot Hoot Owl and Chutes and Ladders. And dominos is the one my 5 year old picks the most – she loves Chicken Foot.

  2. Emily S. says:

    I bought a summer weight suit for my 1st pregnancy because I was going to be in court a lot while pregnant; I tried a few Jessica Simpson suits and the quality was laughable, so I bought a maternal America suit from Amazon. I didn’t bother with my 2nd pregnancy; I just wore the same suit or dress with an open blazer over and over, even to court.

  3. Mama Llama says:

    I’ve gone to job interviews and appeared at hearings while pregnant, and I’ve never worn a maternity suit – just a regular blazer over a maternity skirt and blouse. It’s never been an issue for me, but I’m in the public sector, so maybe it’s different at firms?

  4. i spent $700 on a theory suit at pea in the pod for my first pregnancy (not available online, occasionally available in the stores) and it was a great investment. for me. i work at a firm, had a two month trial during my third trimester first time around, and lots of depos and some court time second time around. the blazer is reusable, and the pants are not but they were amaaaazing. we are not planning on any more kids and i’m giving away my maternity wardrobe but i am not getting rid of those pants until i go through menopause, just in case. i could always count on looking put together no matter how terrible i felt. i wore it mainly with a few different shirts from rosie pope.

    i also bought a suit from figure8maternity and it was terrible (not a big surprise for a suit that comes in sizes s, m, l). i also got a lot of wear from isabella olivier and the like dresses with a blazer. also yoga pants working from home.

  5. Formerly ANon, Now IHeartBacon says:

    I bought these trousers from Loft (, which matched my existing black suit jacket from Ann Taylor almost identically. I wore
    The jacket open all the time. I loved the trousers so much I bought two more pair to be my everyday work pants, during the second half of my pregnancy. I also wore all my other suit jackets open with maternity dresses.

  6. I have had a jury trial in federal court and many depositions during my second pregnancy. I did not need a maternity suit. I put blazers or jardigans over maternity dresses/pants or just wore my pencil skirt suits at 5 months pregnant with the skirt pulled up over my bump. I found most MM LaFleur pieces to stretch enough up the 7 month mark that I could pull together some very professional looks. And I just went into court yesterday for a hearing with 2 weeks to due date in a jardigan and one of the maternity friendly dresses from MM LaFleur and felt totally professional and fine.

  7. Tunnel says:

    I have been hunting for maternity suits in the size 14 world with no luck. It is so frustrating! I have been forced to go the maternity dress and regular blazer route but I hate it. Most of my suit jackets don’t even fit me well right now. It shouldn’t be this hard to find a good quality maternity suit!

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