Feeding Tuesday: Bitey Beads

bitey beads teething necklaceWith my first son, I ignored all of this stuff about teething necklaces — no, I didn’t wear necklaces around him, but I didn’t really want to encourage him biting my jewelry anyway.  This time around… well, it’s all a bit different.  With a kiddo who is possibly teething early, and super easily distracted, I’m all in for something that he can play with while nursing, chew on when I’m holding him and playing with his brother, and more.  I like the look of these Bitey Beads, available in 10 colors for $29.99 each at Amazon, and just may have to pull the trigger.  Mamas, did you have any teething jewelry?  What brands and styles did you like best? Bitey Beads Silicone Teething Nursing Necklace 32”

Maternity Monday: Crinkle Maternity Dress

Tees by Tina Crinkle Maternity DressHappy Monday! I like the look of this highly-rated “crinkle” maternity dress from Tees by Tina. Although it seems suspicious that one size fits women sized 2-10, most of the reviewers really seem to love it. It’s $98 at Nordstrom.  Tees by Tina ‘Crinkle’ Maternity Dress

(Psst: here’s a dress that is not only less expensive ($27) but also comes in sizes up to XXL…)

A few deal alerts: Bare Necessities has a great sale on some of my favorite brands like Fantasie, Freya, Panache, Le Mystere — 40% off plus an extra 15% off with code EXTRA15.  Also, panties starting at $6.99.  (Sadly, no nursing bras are on sale — but they do have a pretty wide selection.)
Second: I mentioned this at the main site, but Ann Taylor is having a 65% off sale through noon (and then 60% off through midnight tonight).  Again, no maternity clothes, but lots of good prices.

News Roundup

pumping momSome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • A new Tumblr, It’s Like They Know Us, makes fun of stock photos of moms.  The caption for this one:  “Hey, girlfriend! I’m just over here at the JC Penney Portrait Studio trying to get some work done.”
  • Here’s a great discussion (and interesting question) on Ask a Manager about how parenthood changes work habits — and how managers can deal. (If you missed it, along these lines there was an interesting discussion at Corporette on women being “disappointed” in powerful women who choose to have kids. We’d love to hear your thoughts!)
  • HelloBee talks about finding the work-life comfort-zone.
  • Motherlode ponders the family dinner.
  • Girls Gone Strong lists the five best exercises to help you prepare for pregnancy. Meanwhile, Alpha Mom talks about formula feeding from birth.
  • Above the Law looks at the OnRamp Fellowship for women lawyers who’ve been out of the game for a while, perhaps because of motherhood.
  • Working Mother tells you how to stay on top of any “secrets” you might miss because your work schedule leaves you out of the school loop.

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On Corporette Recently…

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Finally Friday: Rose Petals Caliente Slingback

Rose Petals Caliente Slingback by Walking Cradles | CorporetteI haven’t heard of this brand “Walking Cradles” before, but they’re highly (highly!) rated on Zappos, and these strappy 2.5″ heels are one of their top rated styles. It looks like a comfortable and versatile shoe, and it’s $94 at Zappos. (I’m also a fan of this style and this style.) Happy weekend! Rose Petals Caliente Slingback by Walking Cradles

Guest Post: Pumping at Work 101

Pumping at Work 101 | CorporettePumping at work: it’s one of the toughest parts of going back to work after maternity leave. In past posts we’ve covered what to wear to pump at work, how to manage pumping in different offices, pumping during work travel, and how to dress professionally when you go back to work (when your pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit). Today Reader K gives you some basic tips for pumping at work and recommends a few helpful products. Thank you, K!

My best friend gave me great advice before I went back to work: The dread is worse than the reality. I was nervous about leaving my little guy with someone I barely knew; I was nervous I would not be as good at my job as I had been before I left for leave; I was nervous that I would sit at my desk missing him all day. Basically, I was nervous about everything.

But now, seven months in, it hasn’t been that bad. For the most part, I have managed to focus completely on whatever I’m doing, whether work or home life. That means I am really efficient at work and then don’t really check my email once I get home until after my son goes to bed. (Fortunately, we hit the baby jackpot and got a great sleeper.) The hardest part, though, was pumping at work. After reading comments here and talking to my sister and some friends, I got into my routine. (Pictured: breast pump overload, originally uploaded to Flickr by madichan.)

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Everyone Thursday: Berkley Large Clutch

Michael by Michael Kors Berkley Large Clutch | CorporetteA lot of women feel like they lose a bit of glamour when they become mothers — there are a million reasons for this, including that huge bag of stuff we now have to haul around when traveling with bebe. My own personal items have become so sparse that I suddenly realized, when leaving the house sans kids, I could fit everything I needed into a clutch. Hooray for that teensy bit of glamour, regained. This one pictured is a bestseller at Zappos, and it’s easy to see why — it comes in four different colors for $198. Michael by Michael Kors Berkley Large Clutch

Psst: a more affordable option, here.