Pumping Tuesday: Bay’s Nursing Scarf

Bay's Nursing Scarf | CorporetteMomsI recently came across an article that advised pumping moms to bring their nursing covers to work to use as a pumping cover as well — it hadn’t occurred to me but I think it’s great advice. I like the listed reason (that you can have friends in your office to maximize the time without making anyone uncomfortable), but I’ve also seen enough readers trying to figure out how to pump in an office without a lock on the door to think that this might be a great solution. There are a ton of nursing covers on the market, but many have unappealing prints (and don’t get me started on the company names). I like this simple, easy black one from Designs by Bay — it’s available at Amazon for $18.99. Bay’s Nursing Scarf


Maternity Monday: Pixie Pants

Maternity Pixie ChinosI was intrigued to see that Old Navy’s popular Pixie pant comes not only in numerous colors as maternity pants, but that they also have the side panel and the full panel pants. I always preferred the full panel pants personally — ladies, which were your favorites (and why)? The side panel pants are available in three colors, sizes 1-18, and full price at $34 — the full panel ones are available in this sage green and marked down to $21 (very limited sizes left, alas). Maternity Pixie Chinos


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Weekend Open Thread

Halogen 'Taylor' Linen Blend Ankle Pants | CorporetteMomsSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Linen pants are a must for me if I’m running around with the kiddo — they’re easy, lightweight, and usually bend-proof. I’m eyeing these nice ankle length crops at Nordstrom; this flowy pair at Old Navy looks lovely as well. The pictured pants are $69 (available in three colors). Halogen® ‘Taylor’ Linen Blend Ankle Pants


News Roundup

news roundup - father's daySome of the articles of interest to working mothers that we’ve seen around the web recently…

  • Sunshine and Hurricanes rounds up some fun printables for Father’s Day so that you can preserve your kids’ unintentionally hilarious responses to questions about their dad and grandfather.
  • Working Mother talks about leaving work on time.
  • Parents presents an honest perspective from a working mom who is just fine with not volunteering in her kid’s classroom.
  • The New York Times Well blog reports that when researchers reviewed 10 studies (both human and animal) they found no benefits from mothers eating their placentas after birth; they also discovered potential risks. The NYT also looked at a new study that suggests that women can safely get IUDs without waiting weeks after childbirth (even the same day is fine).
  • New York magazine has a great essay on breastfeeding from a mom who’s preparing to wean her 1-year-old son.
  • The New York Times explains how dads are increasingly using the Internet to connect with other dads and share their experiences of fatherhood.

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Finally Friday: Josie Flat

Munro Josie FlatMunro is one of those brands that I hear a lot about as being super comfortable and well made — and this Josie flat looks really stylish as well. I love the teeny tiny wedge heel (1.25″ high), and the three colors it comes in.  As always, a sale never hurts: the shoe was $184, but is now marked to $99 — available in five widths, sizes 4.5-11.5. Munro Josie Flat


Everyone Thursday: Slub Jersey Cardigan

C&C California Slub Jersey CardiganOff Fifth has a ton of great sales right now, including a bunch of stuff from brands like C&C California, Splendid, Vince, and more.  (Who knew Vince made so many kids’ shirts? If you can’t get to the free shipping limit of $75, do note that a child’s shirt is only $9, and shipping charges are $7ish… so…).  In any event: I like this lightweight, washable jersey cardigan from C&C California.  I really got into sweaters like this when Jack was small — no buttons or zippers to scratch baby’s face, and because it’s t-shirt material, it washes very easily. It’s mostly appropriate for a casual day, but it can still be a sophisticated look with a belt, jewelry, and a structured piece like a pencil skirt.  The cardigan was originally $108, but is now on sale for $45.49. C&C California Slub Jersey Cardigan